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Our staff are engaged in research, teaching, and professional practice across the built and natural environment sector.

We have strong connections to the community, the property and planning industry, and government agencies. Our faculty embraces trans-disciplinary and diverse cultural approaches to research and teaching. We have ongoing engagement in research with a number of international partners.


Our recent Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rating was a 3 (at world standard) for urban and regional planning (FOR 1205).

ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia) evaluates the quality of research undertaken in Australian universities against national and international benchmarks.


Healthy cities
  • affordable and sustainable housing
  • community planning and environments that promote healthy living
  • stakeholder engagement
  • responding to climate change.
Infrastructure and property market analysis
  • airport planning and development
  • transit-oriented development
  • real estate development, valuation and investment analysis
  • knowledge-based cities.
Rural and regional communities
  • rural land valuation
  • natural resource management and governance
  • peri-urban growth and regional planning.

Featured research

Our researchers collaborate on projects in specialised research groups and facilities across disciplines and institutions:


Our goal is to educate students to become innovative leaders. Our teaching prepares graduates with the fundamentals of land use planning and property development, and ensures they have strong analytical skills and technical literacy.

Our planning graduates possess excellent, effective and adaptable skills in planning and design processes, with a focus on written, graphic, and oral communication. They develop a sound knowledge of strategic and statutory planning, urban design, policy development, and community and stakeholder engagement.

Our property graduates attain a strong education in property development, valuation, investment analysis, market research, real estate finance, and asset management. Graduates from our discipline work in a wide range of planning and property positions within government, consultancy, industry, and community organisations.

The degrees we offer are strongly founded in practice, and are professionally accredited. Our students are renowned throughout Australia as 'practice ready'.


The Category 1 funded research projects we are currently leading are:

The impact of governance on regional natural resource planning

Project leader
Professor Douglas Baker
Project summary
The management of natural resources in regional Australia is challenged by complex decision-making and poorly integrated planning systems at the federal, state and local levels. This project will develop an evaluation framework to assess the effectiveness of planning and natural resource management governance at the regional scale.

Identifying policy synergies between environmental, economic and social policies for a low-carbon economy and sustainable prosperity

Project leader
Professor Greg Marston
Project summary
This project aims to identify policy synergies between environmental, economic and social policies that can move Australia toward a low carbon economy and model of sustainable prosperity. The project plans to place questions about poverty, transport and urban planning at the heart of examining how developed nations can move past a high carbon model of economic growth and city planning.

Interdisciplinary and inter-institution projects

Some of the projects we are contributing to with other disciplines and institutions are:

  • From innovators to mainstream market: a toolkit for transforming Australian housing and maximising sustainability outcomes for stakeholders, 2013-2016

Other projects

Some of our other projects include:

Student topics

Are you looking to further your career by pursuing study at a higher and more detailed level? We are currently looking for students to research a number of topics within a range of broad themes.

There are topics relevant to students who would like to pursue:

  • PhD study
  • Research masters
  • Research project (part of masters by coursework or undergraduate project unit).

Airport planning and development

We offer opportunities to conduct research on regional and metropolitan airports both in Australia and internationally. Topics of research include efficiency of taxi systems, airport master planning, and establishing more effective planning processes for regional airports.

Find a supervisor in this research theme:

Governance, planning and natural resources

There are opportunities to undertake research surrounding governance, specifically relating to natural resource management, governance evaluation, and planning governance.

Find a supervisor in this research theme:

Climate change and disaster management

We offer research opportunities to future students interested in the impacts of climate change, particularly disaster management, climate change adaptation, green infrastructure, policy innovation, resource depletion, and contemporary urban crises.

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Urban and regional planning

There are research opportunities to investigate urban and regional planning issues, including land-use planning conflicts, knowledge-based cities, planning with Indigenous communities, physical and psychological health and the built environment, economic development, community development, transit oriented development, cultural planning, and gentrification.

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Property development and planning

We offer research opportunities to investigate aspects of property development, including feasibility analysis, housing affordability, infrastructure charges, development financing, sustainable housing, property market analysis, property valuation, property rights, rural properties, agribusiness, natural disasters and property markets, stakeholder engagement and investment analysis.

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