Science and Engineering

Scholarships, bursaries and development programs

We offer a variety of scholarships, bursaries and development programs to support and encourage your studies with the Science and Engineering Faculty. Find a scholarship that's right for you.

You can also apply for scholarships available to all QUT students.

Dean's Scholars Program

By applying for a QUT Excellence Scholarship you may also be eligible for our Dean's Scholars Program, which offers leadership development for outstanding students undertaking any single or double degree offered by our Science and Engineering Faculty.

Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Young Technologist Scholarship

The Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Young Technologists scholarships are designed to strengthen Australia's pool of local talent, building a cohort of technology-literate future leaders. Awarded on merit, the scholarships will help broaden the base of students with the ambition to forge a career in technology. Applications close in November each year.

Indigenous scholarships and support

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students commencing an eligible undergraduate degree in the Science and Engineering Faculty in Semester 1 can apply for the faculty Undergraduate Indigenous Scholarship. Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students are also eligible to join the Science and Engineering Faculty Text Book Loan Scheme.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students that gain entry to a Science and Engineering degree through the Centralised Assessment Selection Program (CASP) can also have their fees covered for science and mathematics preparatory bridging courses run by the Science and Engineering Faculty.

Women in Engineering Scholarship

The Women in Engineering Scholarship encourages and supports female students entering their first year of full-time engineering study. Recipients of a Women in Engineering scholarship are eligible for the Monique Cramer Award. Applications close in November each year.

Women in Information Technology Merit Scholarship

Up to six scholarships are available to Queensland Year 12 female domestic students with an OP 1-5 who want to enrol full-time in an undergraduate information technology degree. The scholarship is paid over the first two semesters of study. Applications close November each year.

Honours scholarships

Honours scholarships are available to support students who are studying information technology, chemistry, physics and electrical engineering, and related areas. These scholarships provide a cash stipend in each semester of honours enrolment.

Research scholarships

We offer scholarships and funding to assist our research students with study and living expenses throughout their degrees.

Vacation Research Experience Scheme

The Vacation Research Experience Scheme provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to experience research by working on a project for approximately 6-10 weeks. This is particularly useful if you're considering starting a research degree. The scheme provides contact with active researchers and offers a challenging environment in which students have an opportunity to investigate their potential for research work.

Scholarships for students experiencing financial hardship

In conjunction with the Equity Scholarships Scheme, we offer several scholarships and bursaries to support students from low-income backgrounds.

These scholarships and bursaries are assessed on the basis of need rather than merit, and we encourage all students. If you are a Science and Engineering student and you apply through the Equity Scholarships Scheme, you will automatically be assessed for all of these scholarships and bursaries.

National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Scholarship 2019

The NAWIC mission is to raise the profile of women working in the construction industry and be a positive instrument for change in the construction industry. NAWIC started in 1995 and has strived to build the organisation to encourage and support women in the construction and related industries.


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