Science and Engineering

International study and internship opportunities

Study overseas as part of your degree. Complement your QUT studies in a new area or boost your international and industry skills through an internship while you explore a new country, experience a new culture, and make new friends.


Choose from a wide range of international institutions in 32 countries around the world to undertake one or two semesters of study, developing your intercultural skills whilst pursuing your studies overseas.

With over 100 partner institutions, many of which are renowned for their excellence in science, engineering, mathematics and technology, our exchange program offers a great opportunity to expand your horizons both personally and academically.

Where can I go on exchange?


Internships offer the best of both worlds: gaining international experience whilst developing your practical skills through an industry- or lab-based internship will strengthen your real-world qualifications.

We have exciting opportunities available specifically for students in our Science and Engineering Faculty. Our students have undertaken internships with BMW, Fraunhofer, Hochtief and other industry leaders, in locations around the world such as Germany, France, Japan, Turkey, Canada, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Contact the Science and Engineering Faculty to find out more.

Short-term opportunities

Not enough time for a full semester of exchange? A short-term program, typically from one to six weeks in duration, can offer a great alternative. They may be discipline-specific, intercultural or language-training oriented; credit-bearing or not-for-credit.

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Overseas study and internship enquiries (current QUT students only)