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School of Chemistry, Physics and Mechanical Engineering

Our School tackles significant problems at the frontiers of science and engineering, and delivers innovations that support Australia’s people, economy and the environment.

Our teaching staff work within multidisciplinary research teams at the cutting edge in their fields, and train the next generation of professionals through our outstanding:

We conduct research in world-class facilities and infrastructure, including the:

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School of Civil Engineering and Built Environment

Our School focuses on innovative responses to existing and emerging community, commercial and industrial challenges. We do this through strong research, nationally-recognised courses, industry-responsive postgraduate and executive education, and seamless industry engagement.

Our unique combination of engineering courses and urban development courses provide a learning environment that mirrors the emerging multidisciplinary trends and developments of industry, and is also responsive to changes in the needs of students and graduates. The result is high quality, innovative, streamlined, relevant, flexible and exciting courses.

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School of Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences

Our school brings together expert researchers who share a common goal of tackling global challenges that determine our quality of life and the life of our planet into the future. We currently offer majors in biology, earth science, and environmental science, with minors in areas including: genetics and biotechnology, wildlife ecology and spatial science.

Our researchers currently play a leadership role in the International Ocean Discovery Program, Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Centre for Fruit Fly Biosecurity Innovation, and the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre. We're also working in world-class facilities including the Centre for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities and the Central Analytics Research Facility on issues like crop protection and improvement, and working in the field to better understand current issues like the ecology of the Great Barrier Reef and global water resources, as well as discovering new species.

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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Our work is at the frontier of many disruptive opportunities, from robotics and automation, vision and artificial intelligence, to renewable energy, cyber security and big data. We examine the crucial issue of how humans interact with these technologies.

Our research solves real-world issues, and is applied to create a quality learning experience for students in our engineering courses and information technology courses.

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School of Information Systems

Our vision is to change the world by connecting processes, information, services and people, and to set the template for the future of this field through excellent teaching, research and services for industry.

Our high-quality information systems curriculum is constantly evolving, as we incorporate the latest knowledge and world-class practice into our information technology courses.

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School of Mathematical Sciences

Our school is an innovative and thriving centre of excellence. We are ranked by independent measures as one of the top applied mathematics and statistics schools in the country. We focus on solving problems of global significance and have a reputation for delivering practical education of the highest quality.

Our mathematical sciences courses prepare students for success in the workplace. Our students learn from experienced lecturers and industry partners to gain not only a deep understanding of theoretical and technical mathematics but also how to apply their knowledge to real world problems.

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