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Talking AI to the next generation

15th October 2018

Would you put this in your mouth? Looks can be deceiving...

It looks a bit grubby, but a lot of us safely put this in our mouth.

11th October 2018

Virtually unstoppable! QUT students win VR Hackathon.

Students from QUT's Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments and alumni from QUT's Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment claimed first place at the Queensland Virtual Reality (VR) Hackathon 2018.

9th October 2018

Sophisticated sensors keep bridges, dams & buildings safe

The Story Bridge is 78 years old, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is hitting 86. Australian bridges are designed for a life span of 100 years.

8th October 2018

Student digital smart tech measures up

A digital tape measure born from a desire by QUT engineering student Jake Dean to help a blind friend wanting to tackle home renovations is the Australian winner of the prestigious international design competition for students and recent graduates, the James Dyson Award.

27th September 2018

School’s out. STEM Camp’s in!

160 students. 5 days. 10 real world problems to help solve.

26th September 2018

Giddy up: help for plump ponies is fast on its way

Help is on the way for plump ponies at risk of the painful, often deadly, condition of founder or laminitis which is the second biggest killer of domestic horses.

25th September 2018

Australian Cancer Atlas unpacks cancer burden by locality

Australians can now discover the impact of cancer in their suburb or town, with the launch of a new cutting-edge Australian Cancer Atlas.

20th September 2018

Can a beanie be as safe as a helmet?

An entrepreneurial QUT engineering student has invented a shape-shifting beanie to give snow-goers a more comfortable alternative to a helmet.

20th September 2018

The fair dinkum ‘dummy’ inspiring life-saving flying robots

The world’s biggest airborne robotics challenge is set to touch down in rural Queensland next week (24-28 September), with more than 150 competitors from Australia and around the world.

18th September 2018

Plenty of WiT at QUT

Researchers proved there’s no shortage of WiT at QUT, with two winners and another five finalists recognised at the 2018 Women in Technology (WiT) Awards Gala in Brisbane on Friday.

17th September 2018

Start QUT for free while you’re still at high school

When Jarod Lam started attending lectures at QUT, he was still heading off to high school every day.

1st October 2018

Queensland’s role in WWI brought to life

One hundred years on from the end of World War 1, an interactive, digital exhibition at QUT’s The Cube is set to bring the past to the present, in the lead up to this year’s Remembrance Day.

17th September 2018

Model bridge researcher earns PhD

It took eight years of dedicated research into the structural health of bridges – and building the world’s most complex model of a truss bridge – to earn QUT engineering lecturer Dr Craig Cowled his PhD this year.

12th September 2018

New defence against 'superbug' infections

Tiny implanted 3-D printed scaffolds infused with antibiotics could revolutionise the way doctors prevent deadly ‘superbug’ infections post-surgery, saving lives and long hospital stays.

6th September 2018

QUT leads new hydrogen pilot plant

QUT will lead a $7.5 million research project to establish a pilot plant producing hydrogen from renewable energy.

5th September 2018

We prefer our robots more ‘human’ thanks: QUT research

An article just published in Science Robotics suggests people are more willing to respond to a social robot with ‘humanoid’ qualities rather than obviously mechanical ones when given the choice.

31st August 2018

Robot reef protector sees a new way to check Great Barrier Reef health

An underwater drone that can keep watch on reef health and accurately identify and inject the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish is ready to be put to the test on the Great Barrier Reef, as a result of a collaboration between QUT, Google and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

31st August 2018

River experts call on Trump to protect waterways

QUT researcher Dr Catherine Leigh is one of 17 science and management experts worldwide who are calling on President Donald Trump to ensure protection of temporary waterways across the United States.

28th August 2018

Citizen science project scores results for Queensland students

A QUT coral reef researcher, who has been working with high school students to undertake novel marine research in their classroom, is investigating whether the teenagers have made their own, new scientific discovery.

28th August 2018

Fantastic bots and where to find them

Remember Cartman? Not US sitcom South Park’s most pugnacious character, but a super-savvy robot, built from scratch by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV)’s team who aced last year’s Amazon Robotics Challenge in Japan.

21st August 2018

Because of her: QUT celebrates Indigenous women

Poet and activist Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Queensland’s first Indigenous magistrate Jacqui Payne and Triple J favourite Thelma Plum were among the Indigenous women celebrated at this year’s Murri-Ailan Way festival at QUT.

19th October 2018

2018 QUT Science in Focus Competition finalists revealed

Scientific research can be visually stunning, unexpected and complex; if the QUT Science in Focus Competition finalists are anything to go by. Judges deliberated over more than 120 original images and video by QUT students and staff, showcasing their research with impact.

14th September 2018

STEM skills on show at Moreton Bay STEM Fest

Over 100 students from high schools in the Moreton Bay region impressed judges with their change making ideas and projects at the annual Moreton Bay STEM Fest held last week.

27th June 2018

Students jet to Japan for industry immersion

Six QUT students are gaining first-hand cultural and business insights through an immersive two-week program at the Tokyo headquarters of multinational company Mitsui & Co.

29th June 2018

QUT at cutting edge of solar technology

QUT researchers have developed a new material that has the potential to change the renewable power industry by delivering highly efficient, stable and considerably cheaper solar technology.

14th June 2018

Rural teacher gains international recognition for STEM education innovation

QUT Education graduate and teacher Jess Schofield earned international recognition for her work in STEM education after being awarded LEGO Education’s Australian Teacher of the Year.

16th April 2018

Innovative QUT students awarded Westpac technology scholarships

Seven passionate QUT students have been named among the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation's Young Technologists for their incredible capacity to create meaningful change.

19th March 2018

Todd on track for golden graduation

QUT student Todd Crawford’s hard-earned record at university has earned him five prestigious CareerTrackers ‘Gold Diary’ academic awards – and recognition from Australia’s Prime Minister.

8th March 2018

Extreme engagement, inspiring future science high-flyers

Within the first few minutes, the children’s eyes grow wide. The classroom hubbub quickly dies down.As the presenter makes her first bold statement, kids lean forward in their chairs, transfixed by a new way of looking at science. Many have never seen it presented in such an exciting way.

23rd January 2018

QUT Science and Engineering Kindler Medallists announced

Two high-achieving engineering graduates, Nicholas Sterkenburg and Kaitlyn Lyons have been awarded the prestigious Kindler Medal.