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Medical robotics making keyhole surgery safer

18th January 2019

‘This is big for Brisbane’: QUT team takes second place at international VR hackathon

Ever felt that your mind was an unorganised mess? A team of QUT virtual reality (VR) designers have used that concept for a game that grabbed second place at the 2018 Global VR Hackathon in Shanghai.

10th January 2019

Data analytics for safer air space

Imagine being able to predict an inexperienced pilot’s erratic flight path in real time.

20th December 2018

Industry accolades for QUT Indigenous entrepreneur

QUT engineering alumni James Curran is paving the way for young Indigenous university students and entrepreneurs in the Australian resources industry.

13th December 2018

Robot makes world-first baby coral delivery to Great Barrier Reef

Ecology and technology have combined to give nature a helping hand, using a robot to deliver heat-tolerant coral larvae directly onto the Great Barrier Reef, in the first small scale pilot of a new technique to help restore and recover coral reefs.

10th December 2018

DNA find: tiny wallaby the last living link to extinct giant kangaroos

A QUT-led collaboration with University of Adelaide reveals that Australia’s pint-sized banded hare-wallaby is the closest living relative of the giant short-faced kangaroos which roamed the continent for millions of years, but died out about 40,000 years ago.

6th December 2018

Aloha! They still call me Bruce

Every great superhero story has its hero and trusted side-kick.

5th December 2018

Reef researchers want our summer holiday snaps

You don’t need a lab coat to be a scientist in Queensland this summer – just togs and an underwater camera.

30th November 2018

QUT researcher awarded inaugural WH Bryan PhD Scholarship

Talented PhD student Robert Emo will pursue his passion for geological research at QUT with the help of the inaugural WH Bryan PhD Scholarship in Queensland Earth Sciences.

29th November 2018

New catalyst material produces abundant cheap hydrogen

QUT chemistry researchers have discovered cheaper and more efficient materials for producing hydrogen for the storage of renewable energy that could replace current water-splitting catalysts.

29th November 2018

An entrepreneurial Royal visit

His Royal Highness The Duke of York explored QUT’s latest developments in robotics and entrepreneurship in a private visit to the university today.

28th November 2018

Research draws global praise for QUT’s highly cited researchers

Six QUT researchers have earned the distinct honour of being named a 2018 Highly Cited Researcher.

28th November 2018

Skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow

The Palaszczuk Government said it is acting today and planning for tomorrow to ensure Queensland's workforce has the skills it needs, as delegates gather for a landmark Future of Work - Skills and Industry Summit.

28th November 2018

QUT awarded $10.8 million in ARC research funding

Projects to develop novel processes to generate hydrogen, restore food webs in endangered grasslands, investigate the health of waterways under pressure from urban growth, and evaluate regulation of global internet platforms are among QUT-led projects to receive Australian Research Council (ARC) funding in the latest round of grants.

26th November 2018

National Indigenous Research Conference comes to Brisbane

Researchers, policymakers and Indigenous organisations will gather at QUT in Brisbane in July for the 2019 AIATSIS National Indigenous Research Conference.

21st November 2018

Food trees of the future: Unlocking the DNA of smashed avo

Australian scientists are embarking on a five-year $13.3 million tree DNA project that will make it easier to develop fruit trees and nut trees that are resistant to drought and disease.

20th November 2018

Artificial intelligence will create DIY melanoma detector

Scientists are working on developing world-first technology to automate skin self-examination, allowing Australians to take a full-body skin mapping scan of moles and lesions in the privacy of their own home.

28th October 2018

Growing need for remote sensing expertise in environmental or emergency management jobs

Technology in satellites used for land, ocean and atmospheric monitoring has become so commonplace that budding environmental and emergency managers should get exposed to it now, according to a QUT expert.

11th December 2018

Art meets science at STEAM experience day

High school students discovered there is more to art and science than meets the eye at the STEAM experience day at QUT.

26th September 2018

Giddy up: help for plump ponies is fast on its way

Help is on the way for plump ponies at risk of the painful, often deadly, condition of founder or laminitis which is the second biggest killer of domestic horses.

18th September 2018

Plenty of WiT at QUT

Researchers proved there’s no shortage of WiT at QUT, with two winners and another five finalists recognised at the 2018 Women in Technology (WiT) Awards Gala in Brisbane on Friday.

17th September 2018

Start QUT for free while you’re still at high school

When Jarod Lam started attending lectures at QUT, he was still heading off to high school every day.

28th August 2018

Fantastic bots and where to find them

Remember Cartman? Not US sitcom South Park’s most pugnacious character, but a super-savvy robot, built from scratch by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV)’s team who aced last year’s Amazon Robotics Challenge in Japan.

29th June 2018

QUT at cutting edge of solar technology

QUT researchers have developed a new material that has the potential to change the renewable power industry by delivering highly efficient, stable and considerably cheaper solar technology.

16th April 2018

Innovative QUT students awarded Westpac technology scholarships

Seven passionate QUT students have been named among the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation's Young Technologists for their incredible capacity to create meaningful change.

23rd January 2018

QUT Science and Engineering Kindler Medallists announced

Two high-achieving engineering graduates, Nicholas Sterkenburg and Kaitlyn Lyons have been awarded the prestigious Kindler Medal.