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High praise for excellence in learning programs at QUT

15th March 2019

QUT researcher on the mission to Mars

When the Mars 2020 Rover lands on the red planet and begins its exploration for signs of past life, QUT’s Dr David Flannery will be part of the team operating one of its instruments remotely back here on Earth.

14th March 2019

Living, breathing, reasoning computers: QUT research

Despite the promise of a 1980s TV program, when it comes to love there is no such thing as a ‘perfect match’ and this is something the human brain understands better than any computer.

12th March 2019

QUT’s first Indigenous female engineering grad wins national STEM award

A QUT aeronautical engineering graduate is among the winners of the third Indigenous STEM Awards, announced this month at a ceremony in Areyonga in the Northern Territory.

11th March 2019

Game on: New social outlet for gamers

QUT researchers are taking their first steps toward developing a new social platform for gamers by hosting a series of in-person and online gamer events to boost connections.

7th March 2019

QUT #WSFB2019: a robotic artist, magic slime, vegan leather & more

Roll up, roll up to QUT’s Street Science! booth at the World Science Festival Brisbane (#WSFB2019) and have your portrait done by a robot, or find out about ‘Oobleck’, a seemingly ‘magical’ slime being used to create a shape-shifting protective beanie.

5th March 2019

New spin on mentoring future female engineers

In an event that put a new spin on career guidance, QUT’s Power of Engineering hosted a speed-networking session in which 25 female engineers mentored 100 high school girls as they rode the Channel Seven Wheel of Brisbane.

5th March 2019

Picturesque QUT Classic a must for fun run calendar

Autumn has arrived and everyone knows what that means … No, it’s not trees dropping leaves (we’re in Brisbane!) – it’s the start of fun run season.

4th March 2019

E-bike rider feedback could determine new cycling infrastructure investment

E-bike riders in Queensland are urged to complete a new survey that could inform government investment in new infrastructure such as cycling infrastructure, charging stations and end-of-trip facilities. 

2nd March 2019

Koala-spotting drones proves a flying success

QUT researchers have developed an innovative method for detecting koala populations using drones and infrared imaging that is more reliable and less invasive than traditional animal population monitoring techniques.

4th March 2019

World-first robotic vision competition targets overconfident robots

A world-first competition in robotic vision aims to address the problem of overly-confident robots misidentifying objects in the real world.

27th February 2019

Top teaching awards for QUT lecturers

Excellence in teaching computational mathematics, crisis management and law has seen three QUT lecturers honoured in Australia’s highest university teaching awards.

27th February 2019

Boost for PhD research into 3D printed solutions for patients in need

QUT PhD student Naomi Paxton is the first winner of an award worth up to $35,000 for her collaborative work with industry to find better ways to 3D print body parts.

15th February 2019

Free access to research will help save horses and ponies

Laminitis - a complex, common and often devastating disease - is the second biggest killer of domestic horses. Now a body of important research on it has been compiled and shared online for equine vets and others to access.

14th February 2019

Alumni and industry inspire future leaders: Science and Engineering Dean’s Scholars program

QUT alumni, industry leaders and sponsors of the Science and Engineering Dean’s Scholars program are playing an increasingly important role in the professional development and careers of bright students keen to make a difference in the world.

14th February 2019

Pilot plant to turn sugarcane waste into biofuel and beer bottles

QUT researchers and Mercurius Australia have commenced work on a pilot plant to prove the economic viability of turning sugarcane waste into either jet and diesel fuel or chemicals that could be used to make plastic soft drink and beer bottles.

14th February 2019

Building better robots that can get a grip

QUT researchers working on how robots can be taught to grasp objects in real-world situations have received a US$70,000 research grant from ecommerce giant Amazon.

14th February 2019

Queensland road trip set to test Artificial Intelligence on real Aussie roads

QUT researchers will take an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system on a road trip of south-east Queensland to ensure the autonomous cars of the future will be smart enough to handle tough Australian road conditions.

13th February 2019

QUT internships help Year 12s focus STEM ambitions

STEM-savvy Year 12 students can spend their next school holidays interning at QUT and tackling issues such as interstellar travel, monitoring the Great Barrier Reef, hospital superbugs, the genetics of migraines and mega-batteries to power our planet.

11th February 2019

Leaves are sophisticated environmental sensors

A new international study shows that using plants as sensors of environmental change gives us another important tool for understanding the consequences of these changes for our life support systems.

15th February 2019

Funding awarded for sustainable antioxidant in animal feed and aquaculture industries

QUT researcher Dr Carlos Horacio Luna-Flores has started his Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship in collaboration with a world-leading biotechnology company specialising in high quality animal feed supplements.

7th February 2019

Brisbane City Science and Engineering Challenge at QUT

QUT will host the award winning Science and Engineering Challenge, part of Australia’s largest science and engineering competition for high schools.

7th February 2019

From beekeeping to biotechnology: life science a lucky choice for STEM alumnus Lisa

Like many school leavers, Lisa Devereaux began her science degree with aspirations of later going into medicine. Her dream of becoming a doctor soon changed, after she realised her passion for life sciences and biotechnology.

7th February 2019

A gift from the heart

A new wireless heart pump, with the potential to save countless lives is the first beneficiary of the Roland Bishop bequest to QUT.

7th February 2019

Extreme Van: Extremely popular with students

Almost every day of the school year the Extreme Science and Engineering Van visits Queensland schools to inspire the next generation of scientists about what can be achieved by studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

6th February 2019

QUT researcher named AMP Tomorrow Maker

QUT’s Dr Mariam Darestani has been named an AMP Tomorrow Maker for her efforts to prevent over-fertilisation of crops.

1st February 2019

QUT students receive first uni eSports scholarships

Five QUT students have been chosen to receive the first Australian university scholarships offered to elite eSports athletes along with a position on the QUT Tigers competing in the League of Legends Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS).

1st February 2019

High hopes for new entrepreneurship role

Start with an idea and build something of value to the world.

30th January 2019

Students make QUT their first choice

QUT has made more than 12,000 QTAC offers to students across its two campuses this year, with about half of those offers made to Queensland school leavers.

22nd January 2019

Algorithm predicts the next shot in tennis

QUT researchers have developed an algorithm that can predict where a tennis player will hit the next ball by analysing Australian Open data of thousands of shots by the top male tennis players.

8th February 2019

Donors back drones to detect coral bleaching

QUT Giving Day 2018 donations are powering a unique project to ramp up rapid response efforts to coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

15th February 2019

Scholarships create brighter futures

At QUT we believe all students deserve the opportunity to join the workforce of the future.

7th February 2019

Robot Academy

With its unmanned vehicles and underwater robots providing solutions for future-proofing the reef, QUT is committed to empowering the world to embrace robotics to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

22nd January 2019

Students battle it out for Australia’s first uni eSports scholarships

Twenty students will be battling it out over two days at QUT this weekend seeking one of five $10,000 scholarships for exceptional gamers and a position on the five-person QUT Tigers team competing in the League of Legends Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS).

31st January 2019

QUT supporters passionate to save Great Barrier Reef

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, QUT researchers are applying their expertise in data analytics, mathematics, robotics, earth science and biomaterials to protect Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef. 

20th December 2018

Industry accolades for QUT Indigenous entrepreneur

QUT engineering alumni James Curran is paving the way for young Indigenous university students and entrepreneurs in the Australian resources industry.

26th November 2018

National Indigenous Research Conference comes to Brisbane

Researchers, policymakers and Indigenous organisations will gather at QUT in Brisbane in July for the 2019 AIATSIS National Indigenous Research Conference.

21st January 2019

QUT ‘golden banana’ humanitarian honoured

QUT scientist and humanitarian, Distinguished Professor James Dale, who has developed potentially lifesaving bananas for some of the poorest people on earth is the 2019 Queensland Senior Australian of the Year.

21st November 2018

Food trees of the future: Unlocking the DNA of smashed avo

Australian scientists are embarking on a five-year $13.3 million tree DNA project that will make it easier to develop fruit trees and nut trees that are resistant to drought and disease.

20th November 2018

Artificial intelligence will create DIY melanoma detector

Scientists are working on developing world-first technology to automate skin self-examination, allowing Australians to take a full-body skin mapping scan of moles and lesions in the privacy of their own home.

16th November 2018

QUT Science and Engineering leads the way for research

QUT is the leading Australian institution in four research fields and hosts six research field leaders according to The Australian’s annual research magazine.

28th October 2018

Growing need for remote sensing expertise in environmental or emergency management jobs

Technology in satellites used for land, ocean and atmospheric monitoring has become so commonplace that budding environmental and emergency managers should get exposed to it now, according to a QUT expert.

11th December 2018

Art meets science at STEAM experience day

High school students discovered there is more to art and science than meets the eye at the STEAM experience day at QUT.

30th November 2018

Harnessing nature to stop nutrient run-off

Bioreactors developed by QUT researchers and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) have been constructed on sugar cane farms in the lower Burdekin in North Queensland as part of a trial to improve water quality on the Great Barrier Reef.

18th September 2018

Plenty of WiT at QUT

Researchers proved there’s no shortage of WiT at QUT, with two winners and another five finalists recognised at the 2018 Women in Technology (WiT) Awards Gala in Brisbane on Friday.

7th November 2018

QUT offers Aust’s first uni esports scholarships in 2019

Australia’s first university esports scholarships have arrived, with QUT in Brisbane announcing it will award five $10,000 scholarships for exceptional League of Legends gamers in 2019.

2nd November 2018

Power to the pulses: Diversifying the Queensland food industry

A new translational research-focused partnership between food security and biotechnology company Elo Life Systems and QUT will offer hope for Australian farmers through the development of more resilient and nutritious crops.

1st November 2018

Reef RangerBot becomes ‘LarvalBot’ to spread coral babies

QUT’s reef protector robot is set to become ‘mother’ to hundreds of millions of baby corals in a special delivery coinciding with this month’s annual coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef.

1st November 2018

RangerBot becomes ‘mother’ to millions

The RangerBot reef robot has been transformed into ‘LarvalBot’ with QUT’s Professor Matthew Dunbabin joining forces with Southern Cross University’s Professor Peter Harrison in the largest coral regeneration project ever attempted.

30th October 2018

Million dollar clues: Inside the brains of competitive gamers

What makes some esports gamers good enough to compete in global teams in front of thousands of people and earn millions of dollars, while others compete from computers at home with their mates from school?

25th October 2018

Real-world solution softens surgery

When 10-year-old Chelsy Jones needed a lengthy operation to correct a spinal deformity, her surgeon enlisted the help of QUT biomedical engineer, Dr Paige Little, to custom design a novel support mattress.

22nd October 2018

2018 QUT Science in Focus winners revealed

An image revealing the hidden beauty of a rat bone and a spectacular video of a fluorescent dye filtering sea sponge have taken out QUT’s 2018 Science in Focus Image Competition.

17th October 2018

AI Dugong Detector makes Google Challenge impact

Software using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect dugongs in aerial photographs has been developed by QUT computer engineer Dr Frederic Maire to help scientists monitor diminishing global seagrass meadows.

28th August 2018

Fantastic bots and where to find them

Remember Cartman? Not US sitcom South Park’s most pugnacious character, but a super-savvy robot, built from scratch by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV)’s team who aced last year’s Amazon Robotics Challenge in Japan.

11th October 2018

Virtually unstoppable! QUT students win VR Hackathon.

Students from QUT's Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments and alumni from QUT's Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment claimed first place at the Queensland Virtual Reality (VR) Hackathon 2018.

9th October 2018

Sophisticated sensors keep bridges, dams & buildings safe

The Story Bridge is 78 years old, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is hitting 86. Australian bridges are designed for a life span of 100 years.

8th October 2018

Student digital smart tech measures up

A digital tape measure born from a desire by QUT engineering student Jake Dean to help a blind friend wanting to tackle home renovations is the Australian winner of the prestigious international design competition for students and recent graduates, the James Dyson Award.

1st October 2018

Queensland’s role in WWI brought to life

One hundred years on from the end of World War 1, an interactive, digital exhibition at QUT’s The Cube is set to bring the past to the present, in the lead up to this year’s Remembrance Day.

25th September 2018

Australian Cancer Atlas unpacks cancer burden by locality

Australians can now discover the impact of cancer in their suburb or town, with the launch of a new cutting-edge Australian Cancer Atlas.

20th September 2018

The fair dinkum ‘dummy’ inspiring life-saving flying robots

The world’s biggest airborne robotics challenge is set to touch down in rural Queensland next week (24-28 September), with more than 150 competitors from Australia and around the world.

20th September 2018

Can a beanie be as safe as a helmet?

An entrepreneurial QUT engineering student has invented a shape-shifting beanie to give snow-goers a more comfortable alternative to a helmet.

17th September 2018

Model bridge researcher earns PhD

It took eight years of dedicated research into the structural health of bridges – and building the world’s most complex model of a truss bridge – to earn QUT engineering lecturer Dr Craig Cowled his PhD this year.

29th June 2018

QUT at cutting edge of solar technology

QUT researchers have developed a new material that has the potential to change the renewable power industry by delivering highly efficient, stable and considerably cheaper solar technology.

31st May 2018

Virtual Reef Diver – calling all citizen scientists

QUT’s Virtual Reef Diver (VRD) project allows the public to work alongside marine scientists, from the comfort of their home, to upload and classify underwater images of the Great Barrier Reef to support vital analysis of the reef’s health.

16th April 2018

Innovative QUT students awarded Westpac technology scholarships

Seven passionate QUT students have been named among the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation's Young Technologists for their incredible capacity to create meaningful change.

23rd January 2018

QUT Science and Engineering Kindler Medallists announced

Two high-achieving engineering graduates, Nicholas Sterkenburg and Kaitlyn Lyons have been awarded the prestigious Kindler Medal.