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MEDIA ADVISORY: QUT physicist can comment on Nepal’s latest disastrous landslide

25-05-2015 QUT's Dr Stephen Hughes is available to comment on Nepal's latest landslide emergency which has blocked the flow of the Kali Gandaki River, threatening downstream villages.

Professor joins the ranks of Australia’s most distinguished scientists

25-05-2015 Computers doing things that are characteristically human is a lifelong fascination and something of a career ambition for QUT Professor Peter Bartlett.

Cool paint job could blow away air con costs

22-05-2015 A cool discovery from QUT researchers has found that a special roof coating could bring Queenslanders relief from sweltering summers as well as lower electricity bills.

QUT calls for future scientists as teens sign up for STEM camps

18-05-2015 The widely-anticipated QUT Vice-Chancellor's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) camp is now open for Queensland's smartest Year 11 students to apply.

New owners wanted for plump ponies

15-05-2015 New owners are being sought for 40 healthy ponies that have been participating in clinical trials conducted by QUT.

Even flush families find value in frugality

14-05-2015 Middle-income earners are just as thrifty as those less well-off when it comes to budgeting the family finances, QUT research has found.

A simple siphon could help mitigate damage from future earthquakes in Nepal

11-05-2015 Damage from future earthquakes in Nepal and other nations in the Himalayas could be partly mitigated by a humble plastic pipe, according to a Queensland physicist.

Australia Post to work with PwC Chair in Digital Economy

08-05-2015 Australia Post has announced a research partnership with QUT's PwC Chair in Digital Economy to explore opportunities generated by digital transformation.

Biorefineries to create a profitable future for agriculture in Australia

08-05-2015 QUT research will investigate how to develop a more profitable future for Australian agriculture by transforming farming by-products into valuable new products.

‘Dr Google’ doesn’t know best – search engine self-diagnosis and ‘cyberchondria’

05-05-2015 QUT research is aiming to improve search engines after finding online self-diagnosis of health conditions provides misleading results that can do more harm than good.


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