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Maths-fuelled fiction bound for schools

21-04-2017 Schools across Australia are being urged to grab a free mathematics resource that makes learning fun through fiction.

Open-source mungbean genetic information website enables better varieties

20-04-2017 Scientists and mungbean growers around the world now have access to an open-source website containing the latest genetic information on the qualities of 560 accessions of mungbean.

Want to save the world? Apply here.

18-04-2017 Are you a young scientist of the future who’s passionate about improving our world (or the parent of one)?  Statewide applications are now open for the 2017 QUT Vice-Chancellor’s STEM Camp for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

New class of medical robotics to make keyhole surgery safer

11-04-2017 QUT is spearheading the development of a new class of medical robotics that can see soft tissue, to make keyhole surgeries simpler, safer and cheaper.

Australian researchers map the way to a cancer-free future

11-04-2017 Health experts will today launch an Australian-first research study to understand national patterns in cancer incidence, survival and screening practices based on where people live.

Successful industry partnership secures project for further two years

10-04-2017 The cost of mining for minerals could be about to plummet thanks to the Cooperative Research Centre known as CRC ORE and data science researchers from Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Researchers working with CRC ORE have been applying their collective expertise to develop a roadmap for the application of advanced data analytics to streamline operational processes in hard rock metal mining used to source minerals such as gold, silver, iron or zinc. As a result, the CRC ORE is investing $750,000 in QUT to continue working with them for another two years.

Empowering change in academia

07-04-2017 Her experience as a young girl interested in science inspired Professor Maria Klawe’s mission to drive cultural change in STEM education.

Virtual reality to assist people with intellectual disabilities real world way finding

11-04-2017 New places can be confusing. Particularly places like airports and train stations that provide no small a dose of anxiety for unfamiliar travellers. Additional confidence from prior knowledge gained through virtual reality familiarisation videos contributes to reduce some of those anxieties. For people with intellectual disabilities, having this prior knowledge, customised in the way they like to experience a place, improves their capacity to enjoy that experience.

QUT News & Events Wrap - April 3 edition

03-04-2017 Welcome to QUT's weekly round-up of news and events. For more updates as they happen, join 15,592 followers of @QUTmedia on Twitter.  To subscribe to this wrap, please email

Westpac Young Technologists seize scholarship opportunities

31-03-2017 Five passionate QUT students have received 2017 Young Technologists Scholarships from the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation. Westpac awarded 35 undergraduate students across 11 Australian universities.QUT's recipients are Vanessa Li (Bachelor of Eng (Honours)/Bachelor of IT), Kanupriya Agarwal Bachelor of IT/Bachelor of Maths), Maria Vargas Duque (Bachelor of Eng (Honours)/Bachelor of IT), Niamh Conway(Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of IT) and Riva Mendoza (Bachelor of IT/Bachelor of Maths).With a passion for technology, interest in enhancing Australia's future technology landscape, a focus on personal growth, academic excellence, diverse skills and experience, and development and the commitment to be an active Westpac Scholar Alumni member, these five young women will be provided with funding for up to five years while they pursue their studies.  


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