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Maths of terrorism and the statistics of conversion and radicalisation

03-09-2015 A QUT statistics researcher is working to counter violent extremism by examining the way people talk about themselves and their beliefs.

New robot has crown-of-thorns starfish in its sights

02-09-2015 It's the robot that has the scourge of the Great Barrier Reef in its sights.

From dig to digital: Australia’s iconic dinosaurs as you’ve never seen them before

28-08-2015 It's Australia's largest known meat-eating dinosaur but until now we've never seen how Australovenator moved - not even the man who dug it up and named it.

Brisbane ripe for digital revolution

27-08-2015 A former Silicon Valley executive tasked with helping shape the digital transformation in Queensland says the "next big thing" can be dreamt up in Brisbane.

Infrastructure charges hit homebuyers and send property prices soaring

27-08-2015 Homebuyers are being slugged with a little-known infrastructure "tax" that is adding up to $131,000 to the price of a new home, QUT research has found.

Qld's newest Young Tall Poppy nurtures the next crop of scientists

21-08-2015 Games and entertainment could hold the key to the future of science and mathematics education, according to a QUT researcher.

Robot round-up: the robot-human connections that will change our world

20-08-2015 The robotics revolution won't just provide mechanical helpers for humanity - it's creating a new class of collaborators that will help take human culture to new heights.

Securing data from tomorrow’s supercomputers

18-08-2015 For the powerful quantum computers that will be developed in the future, cracking online bank account details and credit cards numbers will be a cinch.

Roll up to the ‘greatest show on earth’ – dancing robots meet trapeze artist and DeepBlue

18-08-2015 In an Australian-first a robot will attempt a trapeze act and other performance tricks with a human circus performer and an indie orchestra at the free musical extravaganza to close the Robotronica festival at QUT's Gardens Point campus on Sunday August 23.

Robotic toys lead kids to learning: Robotronica shows how

17-08-2015 Not only will kids see a host of working robots at Robotronica, they will be able to interact with them, from high-flying mini drones to underwater envirobots and experiment with some new exciting robotic educational toys.


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