Senior Syllabus Refresher

15th October 2020

Assist your STEM students with our senior syllabus refreshers before their exams.

QUT Young Accelerators, the QUT Science and Engineering Faculty, and Steve Liddell from Street Science, have produced a range of videos to assist students and teachers to prepare for their external exams.

There are Senior Syllabus videos for Unit 3 and 4 for Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Available now:

  • Biology Unit 3: Biodiversity and the interconnectedness of life
  • Biology Unit 4: Heredity and continuity of life
  • Physics Unit 3: Topic 2 Electromagnetism
  • Physics Unit 4: Topic 2 Quantum theory

Coming soon Chemistry Unit 3 and 4.

Click here to view these resources on the QUT Young Accelerators STEM Learning Hub.

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