Innovative QUT students awarded Westpac technology scholarships

1st April 2020

Eight QUT students are among 36 aspiring tech innovators to receive undergraduate scholarships from Westpac Scholars Trust.

Offered in partnership with five universities across Australia, the Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship is designed to support undergraduates who are passionate about technology and exploring ways it can be used for good. 

Amongst the 2020 recipients is QUT student, Jessica Childs. Jessica is studying a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments and aspires to develop video games and interactive experiences to help improve people’s mental health.

“My plan is to pursue research in the field of haptic and virtual reality technologies, and explore the possibility of these technologies being used in both physical and mental health therapy,” says Jessica. 

Haptics is a form of technology that engages people's sense of touch to enhance their experience of interacting with onscreen interfaces.

“I also plan to create games that challenge the user's perception and thinking, making them more aware of other people’s perspectives.”

Scholarship recipient Cody Overs is studying a double degree in Engineering and IT, and says “Technology will play an enormous role within our future and is something that I am eager to be a part of. I’m particularly interested autonomous vehicles and space expeditions”.

The Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship is valued at $15,000 over three years. Beyond the financial support, the scholarship includes a Disruptive Leaders Program – a one-week residential program in Singapore in 2021. Recipients will also have access to industry and university mentors, internships, ongoing leadership development opportunities and exposure to new and diverse networks.

Westpac Young Technologists Scholars also gain lifelong access to the Westpac 100 Scholars Network. Growing by 100 scholars a year across the Westpac Scholars Trust’s five scholarship programs, the network connects a community of people from all walks of life with the ideas and drive to help shape a better future for all Australians.

According to Westpac Scholars Trust CEO Susan Bannigan: “The Young Technologists Scholarship goes well beyond the financial support. We are now in our sixth year and the most valued aspect of the scholarship for past recipients has been the access to new and diverse networks through the Westpac 100 Scholars Network and the broader networks of Westpac Group.”

QUT's 2020 award recipients are:

  • Jessica Childs, Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments
  • Annika Honan, Bachelor of Design (Interaction Design)/Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Clare Ellerby, Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Lily Brooksby, Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Anna Kitchen, Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Cody Overs, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Taylor Beutel, Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Madeline Rodwell, Bachelor of Information Technology.

2020 scholarship recipients.Top: Cody Overs, Annika Honan, Anna Kitchen, Madeline Rodwell. Bottom: Clare Ellerby, Lily Brooksby, Jessica Childs, Taylor Beutel.


To learn more about the Trust’s 2020 Westpac Scholars visit the Westpac Scholars Trust website.

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