20th November 2020

Meet the researcher: A chemist triggered by light

Advanced applications of 3D laser lithography can open avenues for new material design. Bioengineers will be able to make new, better implants like artificial retinas. Materials scientists can create meta materials with highly specific property features. And 3D printing at the nanoscale has exciting potential applications in integrated circuit manufacture.

10th November 2020

Gene editing study finds gene for heat tolerance in corals

An international research project has used gene-editing technology to examine the heat tolerance of Great Barrier Reef coral with the results set to guide efforts in combatting the effects of climate change.

5th November 2020

Social media can guide public pandemic policy: QUT research

With 2020 hijacked by COVID-19, a team of QUT researchers say social media analytics can capture the attitudes and perceptions of the public during a pandemic. They also suggest social media is now the best way to encourage people to follow measures and restrictions.

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