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20 April 2012

A national quality audit has praised Queensland University of Technology's "bold vision" for the future and work towards strengthening its reputation as an intensive research institution.

The report, released today (April 20) by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), commended QUT for building its research capacity and developing a comprehensive approach to international activities since the 2005 audit.

In a list of 13 commendations and nine affirmations, QUT was praised for its robust corporate review processes, effective support given to Indigenous students and continued success in building international partnerships, collaborations and relationships.

The report singled out the appointment of a Director of International Graduate Research at QUT for helping improve outcomes for international higher degree research (HDR) students, noting the university had experienced significant growth in HDR enrolments.

QUT was commended for effectively implementing a "well thought out" strategy to become a selectively intensive research university.

The panel noted the "collaborative nature of the QUT culture" and the high level of commitment among staff to the university and its goals.

Staff support for the restructuring and creation of the Science and Engineering Faculty, and the opportunities it will generate, was singled out in the report.

Capacity building initiatives, including the targeted recruitment and development of research professors and mid- and early-career academics, were applauded.

And the university's commitment to improve the monitoring of course quality through the implementation of the REFRAME project to evaluate learning, teaching and curriculum was noted by the panel.

QUT's sound approach to commercialisation through the commercialisation arm 'qutbluebox' was commended, as well as the university's commitment to interdisciplinary research as demonstrated by its growing success in cooperative research centres.

QUT Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Coaldrake said the audit highlighted the broad and deep engagement by staff with the university's vision.

"We are making great progress in our plans to strengthen our research reputation and this in reflected in the TEQSA findings.

"It is also pleasing that the report acknowledged QUT's ongoing development of a quality and standards culture."

Full details of the report on QUT can be found on TEQSA's web site.

Media contact: Stephanie Harrington, QUT media officer, 3138 1150,

QUT Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Coaldrake


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