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16 April 2018

Seven passionate QUT students have been named among the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation's Young Technologists for their incredible capacity to create meaningful change.

The Westpac Young Technologists Scholarships were awarded to 35 undergraduate students across 11 partner Australian universities, and aim to foster generations of innovators. Recipients will help strengthen Australia’s pool of local talent and support a growing cohort of technology-literate future leaders.

QUT’s scholarship recipients are Julia Casa, Sonal Sing, Sophie Jones, Isabelle Miller, Abimbola Agbejule, Samantha Swift, and Aisha Darmansjah. Each will receive $5,000 per year for up to five years of study, to bring about change through cutting-edge technology.

Abimbola Agbejule, a first year Information Technology and Laws (Honours) student, says he wants to use the opportunity to push boundaries and defy expectations while doing meaningful work.

“I hope to work in a field that is focused on combining information technologies with the law, to save and protect human lives,” he said.

Fellow IT student, Isabelle Miller, has always been fascinated by technology and how technological developments can be used as a tool to effect social change.

“I am interested in the relationship between technology and society, and how this changes as new technologies emerge and society adapts,” Isabelle said.

“I am really excited about how technology makes it possible to explore the great unknown.”

Scholarship recipients are provided with access to networks and practical learning experiences, and the opportunity to apply for Westpac’s summer and winter technology internship programs. They also gain lifelong membership to the Westpac 100 Scholars Network. Growing by 100 scholars every year, this network gives students ongoing access to networking and collaboration opportunities. 

QUT’s seven Westpac Young Technologist Scholars are:

  • Julia Casa (Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Mathematics)
  • Sonal Singh (Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Business)
  • Sophie Jones (Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments)
  • Isabelle Miller (Bachelor of Information Technology)
  • Abimbola Agbejule (Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Information Technology)
  • Samantha Swift (Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Information Technology)
  • Aisha Darmansjah (Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments).

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QUT Science and Engineering Faculty Communication contact: Bree Buenen, Digital Communication Coordinator,

Our Westpac Bicentennial Foundation’s Young Technologists scholarship recipients, with QUT Vice Chancellor, Professor Margaret Sheil.


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