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09 February 2017

Tanda, a time and attendance software company founded by four QUT alumni, is creating innovation and design opportunities for students in a move to give back to the programming community.

Kelvin O’Shea, QUT Bachelor of IT student, completed a four week internship with Tanda, where he redesigned the company’s time clock - a product used by Tanda’s customers for tracking staff attendance. He helped conceptualise the new time clock’s features and design its appearance and functionality.

 “As a designer, Kelvin’s contributions were fundamental to making the finished product intuitive and easy to use,” says Director of Product at Tanda, Alex Ghiculescu. “He did this by talking to customers, as well as to Tanda's sales and customer success teams, and using their feedback to help drive his designs and development."

Tanda was developed in 2013 by QUT alumni Tasmin Trezise, Jake Phillpot, Josh Cameron and Alex Ghiculescu.   Their concept is to help businesses streamline the payroll process and increase productivity and profitability.

On the advantages of taking on student interns, Alex said, “because Kelvin is learning theory at uni and then immediately taking his knowledge and applying it to practical, commercial outcomes, we get the benefit of a fresh and up to date perspective on our work. This helps us improve as a product team and as a company.”

Likewise, Kelvin benefited from working at Tanda because it directly introduced him to the way software is built and launched in the industry. “It helped me realise that the best products aren’t built in isolation and that the ability to work in a team is important not only to myself as an employee but also to the business.”

He also said it gave him a great understanding of how software development and business strategy work in tandem to provide solutions to customers - something that had not realised as a student.   

“The internship gave me an opportunity I would have not expected from a typical internship. To be given the responsibility to redesign a product core to the business was every bit challenging, exciting and motivating. It has helped me develop my technical skills and understand how this knowledge translates from university to the pace of the real world.”

In the past year Tanda has hosted eight interns, six of them from QUT. Alex adds, “I definitely suggest other businesses check out the pool of talent at QUT."

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Lucy Crook

Tanda co-founder, Alex Ghiculescu, and Kelvin O'Shea, QUT Bachelor of IT student and Tanda intern.


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