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QUT News & Events Wrap - October 25 edition

25-10-2016 Welcome to QUT's weekly round-up of news and events. For more updates as they happen, join 14,740 followers of @QUTmedia on Twitter. To subscribe to this wrap, please email

Crown-of-thorns starfish – nailed it!

21-10-2016 It’s the moment the Great Barrier Reef’s been waiting for – confirmation QUT’s autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) can help stop the reef’s most prolific pest, the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS).

Agbot the robotic weed slayer

21-10-2016 Agricultural robot Agbot II, designed and built by QUT with support from the Queensland Government, could save Australia’s farm sector $1.3 billion a year by reducing the costs of weeding crops by around 90 per cent.

Biosecurity threat, invasive pest starlings, monitoring collaboration for QUT and West Australian government

24-10-2016 - 25-02-2017 In an effort to prevent the spread of one of the world’s most invasive species, a $156,440 project by the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Food, in collaboration with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and DKB Solutions, aims to refine starling surveillance activities throughout the Esperance region.Starlings could cause an estimated $42.8 million per year in damage to WA’s grain and horticulture industries.. In addition, starlings aggressively push native birds from their nests and cause damage to property, incurring costs for cleanup and the reestablishment of native birds. 

Dean’s Scholars Alumni Chapter receives 10 year recognition award

26-10-2016 The Science and Engineering Alumni of the  Deans Scholars (SEADS) Chapter was recognised by the QUT Alumni board for 10 years of service at an Alumni volunteer and donor reception held at QUT’s Garden’s Point Campus.  QUT Alumni Manager, Ken Gideon presented the Alumni Chapter 10 year recognition award to 2016 SEADS President, Nicholas Sterkenburg. The award recognised the enormous contribution of SEADS to QUT and the Alumni community.  SEADS is a unique Alumni Chapter as it connects current Dean’s Scholars students with past Dean’s Scholars alumni. The Science and Engineering Alumni of the Dean’s Scholars chapter currently has 300 members.The Dean’s Scholars program is the Science and Engineering Faculty’s flagship development program for high-performing students.  The program develops student leadership skills and boasts a number of high-achieving alumni, including two Rhodes Scholars.

Bright idea that’s streets ahead: Let’s switch over to LED street lights and save money & environment

18-10-2016 More and more of us are switching to LED bulbs in our homes – now a Queensland research team led by QUT scientists wants Australia’s street lights to be switched over to LEDs.

Is coral a rainmaker? Scientific voyage to Great Barrier Reef investigates

14-10-2016 A world-first, scientific voyage to study the air over the Great Barrier Reef aims to determine if coral creates rain.

Diamond nanothread: why this versatile new material could prove priceless for manufacturing

06-10-2016 Would you dress in diamond nanothreads? It’s not as far-fetched as you might think. And you’ll have a Brisbane-based carbon chemist and engineer to thank for it.

Robo reef protector to save Great Barrier Reef

04-10-2016 The world’s first robot built to control the devastating crown-of-thorns starfish could be transformed into a versatile robo reef protector thanks to the Google Impact Challenge Australia.

QUT News & Events Wrap - October 4 edition

04-10-2016 Welcome to QUT's weekly round-up of news and events. For more updates as they happen, join 14,618 followers of @QUTmedia on Twitter. To subscribe to this wrap, please email


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