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Virtual population gets to heart of irregular beats

12-01-2018 A ‘virtual population’ model calibrated from data of electrical activity of heart cells previously collected from 350 people will enable researchers to better understand why some people have irregular heart rhythm.

Talking AI to the next generation

09-01-2018 Advances in artificial intelligence are changing our world, but explaining the complicated concepts and science behind AI, particularly to a young audience, is no simple task.

QUT to lead national robotic defence research

18-12-2017 QUT will lead research in the new Defence CRC for Trusted Autonomous Systems announced today by Federal Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne.

QUT lecturer Australian University Teacher of the Year

15-12-2017 QUT’s robotics vision Distinguished Professor Peter Corke was last night honoured as Australian University Teacher of the Year, the nation’s most prestigious higher education teaching award.

Famed roboticist awarded QUT Honorary Doctorate

13-12-2017 The founder of robots ranging from ones that dispose of explosives in war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan to a domestic vacuum to high performance collaborative bots has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by QUT.

Robotics researchers track autonomous underground mining vehicles

12-12-2017 QUT robotics researchers have developed new technology to equip underground mining vehicles to navigate autonomously through dust, camera blur and bad lighting.

Study finds ways to avoid hidden dangers of accumulated stresses on seagrass

07-12-2017 A new QUT-led study has found ways to detect hidden dangers of repeated stresses on seagrass using statistical modelling.

Tobacco plants as life-savers: QUT part of European collaboration

06-12-2017 QUT is the sole international cooperation partner in a $10.5 million European project to develop new tobacco varieties that can be used as biofactories for pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

With the Great Barrier Reef comes great responsibility.

06-12-2017 QUT is working to equip communities with advanced robotic tools that monitor and protect marine environments.

‘Jumping genes’ solve swamp wallaby ancestry

05-12-2017 Swamp wallabies, long thought to be a genus all of their own, have been found to be a member of Macropus,  which also includes the large grey and red kangaroos, mid-sized wallaroos, and the smaller woodland wallabies of Australia and New Guinea.


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