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Inaugural Rod Walker Awards announced

07-10-2015 Flying robots made from egg carton material and some of the smallest visual technology not yet on the market could herald the next evolution of Australia's aerospace industry - by students.

Rod Walker Awards announced

06-10-2015 Flying robots made from egg carton material and some of the smallest visual technology not yet on the market have won Rod Walker Awards.

Siemens partnership brings new levels of innovation to Australian Defence industry

06-10-2015 In a ceremony today (6 October 2015) at the Pacific 2015 Maritime Exposition, Siemens signed a historic research agreement with Defence Science and Technology Group and QUT to advance the use of HTS technologies in Australia.

Year 11s get a buzz out of STEM camp

06-10-2015 This quartet of STEM-savvy students from the Rockhampton region was among 160 of Queensland's brightest teenagers who took part in the 2015 QUT Vice-Chancellor's STEM Camp (for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) last week.

QUT educators earn A+ in national teaching awards

28-09-2015 QUT teachers who excel in creating real world learning environments and experiences for their students in robotics, Indigenous studies, science, and engineering are among those honoured by this year's Australian Awards for University Teaching.

High school high fliers could hold the key to future UAVs

28-09-2015 Hapless Outback Joe is in trouble again, and 19 teams of high school students with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are on a mission to find him.

Kangaroo cartilage helps improve implants for worn-out human joints

24-09-2015 Humans and kangaroos share knees and shoulders that are subjected to different loadings and stresses thanks to being bipedal, and this similarity is being used by QUT scientists to study kangaroo shoulder cartilage with the aim of improving implants for worn out joints.

Maths apps to modular transport: $100K competition targets innovations that are on the money

24-09-2015 Remember back in high school when you'd rush to maths class thinking, 'Yippee, I can't wait to get stuck into these non-linear equations today'?Nope, neither do we.

Year 11s & robots join forces for school holiday operation at QUT

22-09-2015 Would you let a high schooler and a robot operate on you? They're not qualified just yet ... but might be in another decade!

QUT’s STIMulate team wins Australasian award for student support work

18-09-2015 A QUT program in which students support thousands of other students by helping develop skills in maths, science and IT has won the Australian Outstanding Peer Educator category of the Australasian Peer Leader Awards.


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