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29th July 2019

Australia-first Nature journal conference: how sharks & mosquitoes point to better medicine

The world’s leading bioengineers and editors of Nature Materials, Nature Materials Review and Nature Protocols are meeting for the Australian-first Nature conference, Biomimetics in Bioengineering, August 4-6.

25th July 2019

Suicidally-sexed marsupials: where have the Springbrook antechinus gone?

QUT mammalogist Dr Andrew Baker fears a species of the small marsupial known for its suicidal mating habits, that he and his research team found only a few years ago, may be extinct in one of its best known south-east Queensland habitats.

24th July 2019

Australia’s first robotics hub to drive advanced manufacturing jobs

The Palaszczuk Government will invest $7.71 million over four years to establish the nation’s first robotics manufacturing hub to create and support more jobs.