7th January 2021

Like investors, bacteria, viruses and cancer cells hedge their bets

Bacteria, viruses and cancer cells can act like savvy human investors by diversifying their population against futures shocks just as people hedge their investments with a diversified portfolio against uncertainty.

17th December 2020

Could tonight’s celestial event be the Star of wonder, star of night?

See for yourself, look at the night sky from about 7.30pm this Monday, 21 December 2020  for the bright conjunction of the gaseous planets Saturn and Jupiter, the two largest planets in our solar system.

14th December 2020

When chemistry with green light mimics what happens in life

Scientists frequently look at how molecules behave in nature to help them design chemical processes, and that’s what QUT and Ghent University researchers did to create a green light-stabilised 3D polymer structure that unfolds itself when left in darkness.

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