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Light Play

The Cube, Level 4
Science and Engineering Centre (P Block), 2 George Street, Brisbane QLD Australia

Play with light at our International Day of Light event with QUT’s leading light-driven chemistry team, and hear from world-leading experts on the use of light in new and innovative applications. Switch on your knowledge by experimenting with light at our interactive displays.

Light is life, from the colour of flowers to the photosynthesis in plants and the production of vitamin D in humans. As science has progressed, light-driven technologies have become an integral part of everyday life and advanced technologies. Think of 3D printing, high speed communication and precision laser surgery.

Registration required. Refreshments Provided.

Take a trip with our fantastic light experts

Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Head of the QUT Soft Matter Materials Laboratory, will illuminate the history of light application in a fascinating presentation before welcoming guests to try our interactive displays and experiments.

Engage with scientists at experimental stations and learn about lasers, 3D printing and creating light yourself with chemistry.

Laser experiment

Light is such a versatile tool due to its finely tuneable characteristics such as energy, shape and colour. To showcase the importance of these properties, we will demonstrate how one particular colour of laser light can leave some things unaffected, while making others go POP!

Writing matter with light in 3D

Watch us design an image and bring it to life utilising the power of light. We will use light to cure a liquid ‘ink’ into a freely standing 3D form. Our 3D printer is based on stereolithography and will allow facile visualisation of the printing process through a plexiglass window.

Creating Light

Chemiluminescence is the emission of light as the result of a chemical reaction. Produce your own flash of light at this interactive display by mixing chemicals to trigger chemiluminescence reactions – just like fireflies!

The fluorescence in everyday life

Shine light on hidden fluorescent objects using black light. Examine everyday objects like vitamin B12, turmeric, soap, tonic water, and laundry detergent.


Professor Christopher Barner-Kowollik

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