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IFE Grand Challenge Lecture: Mobile Autonomy a Pervasive Technology: From Self-Driving Cars to Mars - Why Robotics Matters

12:00am - 12:00am 15th April 2016
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The Kindler Theatre (P421)
Level 4, P Block, QUT Gardens Point

Hear Professor Paul Newman from the University of Oxford talk about the science of robotics and the future of "intelligent" vehicles.


The machines are coming and it’s going to be good. We won’t have to drive ourselves when tired, schlep stuff around warehouses, be bored on tractors, choke in mines, freeze on Mars, or miss broken pipes in nuclear inspections. If we so choose, the coming years will see machines doing more for us and doing it better. In this talk, Professor Newman will pull apart some of the competencies needed to build “intelligent” self-driving vehicles. He’ll explain what makes it hard, what makes it exciting and how it all comes together in a glorious bit of robotics science. He’d like lots of questions too.


Paul Newman is the BP Professor of Information Engineering at the University of Oxford and an EPSRC Leadership Fellow. He heads the Mobile Robotics Group within the Department of Engineering Science, which enjoys a world-leading reputation in mobile autonomy – developing machines, robots and cars which map, navigate through and understand their environments. His focus lies on pushing the boundaries of navigation and autonomy techniques in terms of both endurance and scale. The Mobile Robotics Group has developed a keen focus on intelligent transport – for example, the RobotCar – and enjoys collaborations with many industrial partners, which provide exploitation opportunities to drive the research.  In 2014 he founded Oxbotica – a spinout company focussed on robotics and autonomous systems – and was elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, with a citation for outstanding contributions to robot navigation.  





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