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01 January 2015

The Mathematical Sciences school hosts invited speakers to present on current research topics every first and third Friday of the month. All welcome to attend.

Events are from 3-4pm and are held on QUT's Gardens Point Campus.

4th September :: David Levin (Tel Aviv University)

Title: Behavior preserving extension of univariate and bivariate functions

Location: O block, 603
Given function values on a domain D, possibly with noise, we suggest methods for extending the function to a larger domain. In addition to smoothness at the boundary of D, the extension also inherits behavioral trends of the function on D, such as growth and decay, and even oscillations. The approach chosen here is based upon the framework of linear models, univariate or bivariate, with constant or varying coefficients. The methods are also related to convergence acceleration of infinite series and infinite integrals.

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01 January 2015 - 31 December 2015
QUT Gardens Point
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