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03 July 2017

There has been a quiet revolution in weather forecasting over the past few decades driven by big computers, big data and lots of maths, but it has been a hundred years in the making and represents a triumph of 21st century science.

Join us for an insightful public lecture on models, maths and the revolution of weather forecasting, presented by Dr Peter May, Head of Research at the Bureau of Meteorology.

Hosted by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and QUT's School of Mathematical Sciences, Dr May will tell the story of how computer weather and climate models have taken over and where they are leading us.

He will describe the 100 year long genesis of our modern weather models, which are a blend of outrageous stories, big science, big data, satellites, supercomputing and much more, that have formed the systems that give us incredible detail on the weather, oceans and climate.

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Refreshments will be served following the lecture.

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This public lecture is part of the AMSI Winter School program, hosted by QUT in 2017. AMSI Winter School aims to develop the next generation of quantitative scientists who can thrive in tomorrow’s information age.

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03 July 2017
QUT Gardens Point Campus, 2 George St, Brisbane City.
Kindler Lecture Theatre
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Special guest Dr Peter May, Head of Research, Bureau of Meteorology will present a free public lecture at QUT Gardens Point, July 3.