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02 June 2017

The Energy Researchers at QUT are pleased to invite you to the Power, Energy & Clean Technologies (PECT) Seminar series, presented on the first Friday of each month throughout the year.

Next seminar

6 October 2017. Balancing the needs of security and data in customer-centric power networks. Presented by Mr Simon English, Energy Queensland.

As utilities start to explore the lower reaches of their networks, such as MV and LV, it is unlikely that the traditional approaches will continue to be appropriate. Simon English will outline work that Energy Queensland has been doing in the Ergon network area to get ready for growth in customer-centric networks. He will discuss different security and control models that have been implemented, as well as some of the industry challenges still to be overcome.

Previous seminars

1 September 2017. Reality and future of batteries. Presented by Professor Jose Alarco, QUT.

4 August 2017. Superconducting electric machines: Current status and opportunities in power and energy applications. Presented by Mr Peter O’Brien, QUT.

7 July 2017. Transition to an intelligent grid: Distribution network visibility study. Presented by Dr Daniel Eghbal and Dr Olav Krause, Energex Ltd.

2 June 2017. Wireless power transfer: The state of art technology, applications, challenges and future trends. Presented by Professor Mahinda Vilathgamuwa and Dr Prasad Jayathurathnage, QUT.

5 May 2017. Anticipating and addressing security challenges in an evolving power system. Presented by Dr Jenny Riesz and Mr Christopher du Plessis, AEMO.

7 April 2017. Optimising investment decisions for demand: management, storage and energy efficiency for multi-dwelling communities. Presented by Mr Aaron Liu, QUT.

3 March 2017. Using pay-per-use technology to bring electric vehicles and renewable energy to the 99%. Presented by Brendan Lee, Octillion Australia.

3 February 2017. Growing roar of the coming energy wave of change. Presented by Associate Professor Geoff Walker, QUT.


Close of business on the Wednesday before each seminar. Email:

12 - 12.50 PM followed by light refreshments
Z Block, Level 10, Z-1064, QUT Gardens Point Campus
Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT.
Adriana Bodnarova

Join us on the first Friday of each month for the 2017 Power, Energy and Clean Technologies (PECT) Seminar series.