School of Computer Science

Our school is leading education and research in secure and people-friendly technologies that benefit our increasingly connected and data-rich world.

Our research

Technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and human-machine interfaces, are vital for businesses and communities to thrive. Our work revolves around the need for computer-based solutions that are secure, effective and people-orientated.

We're home to research groups that deliver industry and community-based solutions in human-computer interaction, information security and data science.

Explore our innovative research solutions and groups to discover how we're making an impact in the digital world.

Our industry solutions

Securing smart infrastructure

Academics from our school are working with national energy infrastructure company Jemena on the security of their new "smart" electricity substations. As old electro-mechanical devices are replaced with computer-based systems we gain flexibility and save costs, but introduce new cyber security risks. This joint research will propose ways of identifying and mitigating these threats, even when the system contains third-party components where trustworthiness isn't guaranteed.

Our community solutions

Supporting stroke victims

Our school is conducting research that focuses on human-computer interaction for healthy living. This has led to the development of StrokeAssist, an app that allows stroke survivors to communicate when their ability to speak and listen has been impaired. Its functionality allows users to express their needs to medical staff, schedule medical appointments, and track mood and pain during recovery.

Research groups

Centre for Data Science

Our researchers are heavily involved in QUT's Centre for Data Science. The centre draws together data science expertise from across Australia to deliver world-class research, training and engagement.

Visit the Centre for Data Science website

Cyber Security Lab

We're home to the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Cyber Security Lab where we investigate the security of cyber-physical systems in the real world.

Visit the SCADA Cyber Security Lab website

Games Research and Interaction Design Lab

Our Games Research and Interaction Design Lab (GRIDLab) looks at people’s perceptions, behaviours and experiences as they interact with video games and playful technology.

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Trusted Networks Lab

Our research in the Trusted Networks Lab focuses on modelling and understanding dynamic networks to guide reliable systems and decisions.

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Partner with us

We partner with industry, communities and academic institutions to deliver real-world solutions. We engage with our partners through our:

  • research
  • research training activities
  • undergraduate teaching programs
  • postgraduate teaching programs.

Explore some of our partnerships below or get in touch with us to discover how we can partner with you.

Acoustic observatory

Researchers from QUT Ecoacoustics are leading the Australian Acoustic Observatory team. This observatory involves hundreds of solar-powered sensors that continuously record wildlife sounds for five years.

Read our article about this world-first observatory

Cyber security collaboration

Our research in the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre focuses on the cyber security of industrial control systems that form a major part of our nation's critical infrastructure.

Visit the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre website

Children in the digital age

As a core partner in the QUT-based Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child, we're investigating how digital technologies can benefit children and their families.

Visit the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child website

Our courses

Information Technology

"I chose QUT based on reputation. The infrastructure and the lab facilities were great. I'm now with Google and get to enjoy lots of travel. It has, hands-down, the best company culture with constant learning opportunities."

David Wearing

Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science)

Games and Interactive Environments

QUT's Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments degree is the most successful degree of its kind in Queensland. Our graduate showcase is attended by industry professionals and exhibits the best polished and published games by our final-year students.

Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments

Our diversity commitment

Our school is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for staff and students. We're exploring novel ideas and programs that best support our people in learning, teaching, research and leadership.

Read our diversity statement and discover how we're building a healthy, diverse, inclusive and empowered community.

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Our people

Our school brings together a diverse team of experts who deliver world-class education and achieve breakthroughs in research.

Explore our staff profiles to discover the amazing work our researchers are contributing to.

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