Explore our schools and discover how we’re changing the world through education and research.

Biology and Environmental Science

Our school brings together multidisciplinary teams to research and address global challenges, ranging from food security to climate change-related environmental concerns

School of Biology and Environmental Science

Built Environment

We apply human-centred thinking and critical perspectives to address real-world challenges in diverse construction, development and planning projects across a range of sectors.

School of Built Environment

Chemistry and Physics

Our teaching and research advances the frontiers of the chemical and physical sciences to solve real-world challenges.

School of Chemistry and Physics

Civil and Environmental Engineering

We provide teaching and research excellence in the sustainable design, planning, construction and operation of infrastructure and resource management to solve real-world challenges.

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

Our school is leading education and research in secure and people-friendly technologies that benefit our increasingly connected and data-rich world.

School of Computer Science

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Our school specialises in understanding fundamental chemical and physical processes that operate across the physical spheres of Earth.

School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Electrical Engineering and Robotics

Our school aims to improve how we understand and take care of the world we live in through sustainable energy solutions and intelligent technology.

School of Electrical Engineering and Robotics

Information Systems

We want to change the world by connecting processes, information, services and people. We aim to set the template for the future of this field through excellent teaching, research and services for industry.

School of Information Systems

Mathematical Sciences

Our school provides teaching and research excellence in applied and computational mathematics, statistics and operations research.

School of Mathematical Sciences

Mechanical, Medical and Process Engineering

We focus on high quality education and research on the design, manufacture and operation of biomedical, chemical and mechanical systems and processes.

School of Mechanical, Medical and Process Engineering