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We are renowned for providing high-quality, real world-focused teaching across the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and urban development.



Researchers working towards new discoveries

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real-world results

We conduct high-impact research developing new ideas in STEM fields to transform the way industry and government practise in the real world. We have achieved global excellence and recognition in a number of key areas.

Our world-class researchers work at the cutting-edge of a wide range of disciplines, grouped within six broad research areas:


We offer high-value partnership opportunities ranging from corporate education through to collaboration on cutting-edge research:

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Biofuels revolution will help power Queensland economy

18-10-2017 The man who helped power US Navy ships with alternative fuels made from beef fat is...

Machines must think like humans to build trust

17-10-2017 If humans are to ever fully trust driverless cars to make decisions for them, these autonomous...

QUT bluebox Challenge: Popgun’s ALICE hits the top note

12-10-2017 The team building ALICE, an artificial intelligence that can play and compose music, have won QUT's...

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