Inferno (Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn)

10:00am - 4:00pm 18th August 2019
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The Dome
Kidney Lawn

Machine art is about to meet the demonic, in a dynamic crash-merging of spectral mechanics and human imagination. Inspired by ideas of control and Dante's depiction of the Circles of Hell, Inferno confronts what it means to surrender to human-robotic symbiotic relationships.

In an age of intelligent machines, who is in control?

Audience Participation
What makes this participative installation unique is that five members of the audience will be strapped into an exoskeleton that will drive their movements via a computer program resulting in a startling choreography. Audience participation will be requested at the beginning of the session. The rest of the audience will witness the extraordinary spectacle of cyborg machines dancing their human subjects.

QUT Creative Lab’s Director Louis-Philippe Demers created and designed Inferno. Prof. Demers is an award winning, multidisciplinary artist known for his avant-garde use of robotics in large scale installations and stage productions. 

Limited drop-in availability on the day

30 minutes per performance

10:00am, 10.30am, 11:00am, 11:30am 12:00pm, 12:30pm, 1:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:00pm, 2:30pm, 3:00pm


Must be aged 16+ to enter Inferno as a participant

Loud noises, strobe effects and theatrical haze 

QUT Creative Lab