9:00am - 4:00pm 18th August 2019
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The Cellar (entry via The Courtyard)
Old Government House

A robotic artwork installation

This installation invites the viewer to experiment and establish a non-verbal dialogue with an array of disembodied gazing eyes. An impotent machine which is forced to think, in silence, about the world lying under its multiple glances. 

The title of the work refers to the visual area V5, a region of the extrastriate visual cortex that is thought to play a major role in the perception of motion, integration of local motion signals into global percepts, and the guidance of specific eye movements. 

In this work, Louis-Philippe explores the confluences between the gaze as a non-verbal dialogue facilitating communication between humans and machines and the gaze in the theatre from audience and performers that opens competing perceptual configurations. 

The mutuality of the gaze, set in train as a strictly positive "mechanism" to enhance man-machine relations, immediately becomes a field of phenomenal interrogation: are eye movements simple reflexes, a common attempt to communicate, a judgement about what unfolds in front of them or a mirror of the machine performer's "soul"? The Artificial Intelligence here is not one of competence but one of contextual interpretation. 

QUT Creative Lab’s Director Louis-Philippe Demers created and designed Area V5. Prof. Demers is an award winning, multidisciplinary artist known for his avant-garde use of robotics in large scale installations and stage productions. 

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