9:00am - 4:00pm 18th August 2019
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Entry Vestibule
Old Government House

Do you feel an intellectual, emotional, or physical connection? 


An interactive installation, The Blind Robot invites you to delicately explore the face, in a manner that recalls what blind humans do to recognise a person or an object. The aim of The Blind Robot is to further understand the degrees of engagement, whether intellectual, emotional or physical, which are generated when a social robot intimately touches a person. 

Initially, The Blind Robot is a minimalistic piece of mechanical engineering. The rationale is to start from a recent known cultural artefact – the robot arm – and transform it from a high precision tool into a fragile, imprecise and emotionally loaded agent. It comprises a typical robotic arm equipped with an articulated hand and has the complex task of touching people softly, something achieved by hardly any contemporary robots. 

Professor Louis-Philipe Demers is the Director of Creative Lab, QUT and is an award winning, multidisciplinary artist known for his avant-garde use of robotics in large scale installations and stage productions. 

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