Gardens Theatre Rehearsal Studio
X Block

A dance for the 4th industrial revolution.

In the midst of promises and fears surrounding robots and artificial intelligence, especially in the manual labour sector, Repeat attempts to imagine the illusory dance moves of the so-called augmented body tainted with the gender stereotypes of human ballet duets.

Repeat shifts the performing body of the assembly line into the performing body onstage, unceasingly carrying out its tasks. The body meshed with the industrial exoskeleton tolerates and sustains strenuous tasks but ironically, it enables those actions to be repeated even more.

Repeat uses passive industrial exoskeletons that are currently deployed in the workplace. This ain't no fiction, this is the future promised to the human worker. 

Professor Louis-Philipe Demers is the Director of Creative Lab, QUT and is an award winning, multidisciplinary artist known for his avant-garde use of robotics in large scale installations and stage productions. Dr Steph Hutchison is a choreographer, performer and artist-researcher at QUT.

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30 minutes per performance

11:30am and 2:30pm


QUT Creative Lab