Accessing the property

The SERF is available for a range of research and teaching activities consistent with its mission of research, education, sustainability and long-term natural resource protection. As well as researchers from a range of organisations, the SERF regularly welcomes school and community groups.

Property access

The SERF is available for events, school visits, community group visits and similar purposes. Contact us at if you'd like more information about accessing the SERF. We do our best to make SERF accessible to as many people as possible, but please note charges may apply for people from outside QUT.

If you are a QUT staff member or student wishing to access the SERF, please complete one of the forms below and our team will get back to you to discuss your request in more detail (login required).

QUT staff and students will also need to access the online SERF induction.

If you are a school interested in using SERF for teaching purposes, email us at

Accessing SERF data

You can access data from SERF through the TERN Data Portal.

Data available from SERF includes:

  • time-series micrometeorological observations of atmospheric-ecosystem energy, carbon and water exchanges
  • acoustic monitoring
  • hydrology including water flow and quality
  • vegetation observations including diameter at breast height, stem height, stem mapping, above ground biomass, coarse woody debris, floristic surveys, leaf area index and ground cover
  • soil microbial diversity
  • cal/val data for remote sensing and modelling applications.

Contact us

Samford Ecological Research Facility

148 Camp Mountain Road
Samford QLD 4520 Australia

Postal address

Samford Ecological Research Facility
148 Camp Mountain Road
Samford QLD 4520 Australia