Data acquisition and management

QUT REF data acquisition and management

The Research Engineering Facility’s data acquisition and management capability supports a diverse range of QUT, government and industry research projects by providing aerial and structural data acquisition services.

Our fleet of unmanned aircraft integrated with appropriate sensors captures data in a wide range of applications including:

  • photogrammetry
  • orthomosaics
  • terrain and surface models
  • thermal and other spectral imagery
  • object recognition and counting
  • plant health monitoring
  • biosecurity monitoring
  • air quality monitoring
  • media work.

Our sensor portfolio consists of high resolution red green blue colour (RGB), Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), thermal, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, air sampling and video cameras and sensors.

Access to the QUT Banyo Pilot Plant facility provides structural data acquisition solutions for measuring displacement, load, force, vibration and acceleration with the use of different sensors suitable for each application.

QUT structural data acquisition capabilities

The pilot plant houses a broad range of test equipment and sensors:

  • 4-point bending test
  • test load from 1kN up to 3,900kN
  • load cells from 3kN up to 3MN
  • digital indicators with a 10 um precision
  • laser sensors
  • resistive linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs)
  • thermocouples
  • accelerometers
  • vibration sensors
  • three gas furnaces
  • electrical furnace
  • tensile coupons testing
  • shaker table for earthquake simulation
  • 6-degree of freedom motion controller
  • custom-made test rigs.

The data acquired provides researchers with essential information about the behaviour of their test samples when affected by pressure, temperature or tension. Custom-made solutions are possible with the use of Labview and Flexlogger.

We also structure and manage storage solutions for the resultant large datasets. Working with QUT’s eResearch group, we facilitate the creation and acquisition of working spaces, providing end-to-end solutions for data management including:

  • consultation services
  • acquisition of required approvals
  • capture, conditioning, storage, processing and analysis of data.

Our team has provided data acquisition and management services for multiple QUT, government and industry projects.

unmanned flight operations QUT

Unmanned flight operations

  • Large scale aerial data collection in support of estimating koala and deer abundance
  • Aerial data collection in support of biosecurity, biodiversity and fire management research projects
  • Media shoots with aerial images for various research projects
  • Support for the UAV Challenge in Dalby
  • Supporting QUT Facilities Management with collecting aerial images of infrastructure at Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campuses, as well as distributed sites such as the Samford Ecological Research Facility (SERF).

QUT manned flight operations

Manned flight operations

  • Data collection service for research in image based detect and avoid of general aviation aircraft with single sensor and multiple sensors configuration under varying conditions
  • Capability development for sensors mounted on a light aircraft for mapping purposes

data acquisition engineering services on Zoe1 autonomous vehicle

Engineering services

Australian Advanced Air Traffic System (TAAATS) feed

Other projects

  • Sumitomo CPV Solar Tree installation – we provided expertise on the project IT network equipment, remote access, telemetry and data logger systems required while also constructing the appropriate data repository to allow multi-party access.
  • The Australian Advanced Air Traffic System (TAAATS) feed – our team manages a near real-time data feed from Airservices Australia, allowing QUT researchers to explore TAAATS data for research into concepts such as Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems.

We provide data acquisition and management services for research, industry and government partners. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Capability team

Mr Dirk Lessner

Engineering Manager

Mr Gavin Broadbent

Senior Design and RPAS Technician

Dr Dmitry Bratanov

Senior Research Engineer (RPAS and Autonomous Systems)

Mr Cameron Creevey

Senior Technician (Electrical, Instrumentation and Control)

Mr Robert Hickey

Senior Technician (RF and Superconductivity)

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