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Data reasoning to extend domain knowledge in deep learning

A wide variety of companies now use personalized prediction models to improve customer satisfaction, for example, detecting cancer relapses, Detecting Attacks in Networks (e.g., SDN) or understanding Customer Online Shopping Behaviour. However, the dramatic increase in size and complexity of newly generated data from various sources is creating a number of challenges for domain experts to make personalized prediction.For example, early detection of cancer can drastically improve the chance and successful treatment. Recently, supervised deep learning has brought breakthroughs in …

Study level
PhD, Master of Philosophy, Honours, Vacation research experience scheme
Faculty of Science
School of Computer Science
Research centre(s)
Centre for Data Science

Text analysis for engineering education

Textual data contains a large amount of information which is embedded. This text information is easily extracted by humans but is difficult for machines to interpret. Using various textual analysis methods some information can be drawn out from pieces of text.

Study level
Vacation research experience scheme
Faculty of Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering and Robotics

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