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Rhythm & Movement for Self-Regulation in early childhood: digital design and research translation

Rhythm & Movement for Self-Regulation (RAMSR) is a program developed by registered music therapists, and early childhood specialists, that teachers all adults working with young children to engage in rhythmic movement activities known to build brain architecture that supports self-regulation. Essentially, RAMSR seeks to bring the brain-building benefits associated with learning music to the masses in early childhood.In 2016 and 2020, RAMSR studies showed the program was indeed effective in stimulating growth in attentional, emotional, and behavioural regulation for young …

Study level
Vacation research experience scheme
Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice
School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education

Light, circadian rhythms and Parkinson’s disease

Up to 98% of patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) have non-motor symptoms (Poewe et al. Nature Rev Dis 2017, 3: 17013) and of those, circadian and sleep disorders are the most common (for review, Gros & Videnovic. 2020, Clin Geriatr Med 36: 119). These symptoms become increasingly prevalent during the course of PD and are key determinants affecting quality of life, advancement of overall disability and placement in nursing homes (Shapira et al. Nat Rev Neurosci 2017,18:435). Circadian and sleep …

Study level
Faculty of Health
School of Biomedical Sciences

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