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Board interlocks and firm decisions

Board interlocks research is one of the most vibrant areas in corporate governance research. A board interlock is a tie created by two firms sharing a common director. In other words, a director can hold multiple directorships in more than one firm. Board interlocks reflect complex inter-organisational relationships which play an important role in determining a firm’s strategies and structures.Prior research finds that board interlocks have an impact on reducing environmental uncertainty, gaining access to diverse and unique information, diffusing …

Study level
PhD, Master of Philosophy
Faculty of Business and Law
School of Accountancy

Hierarchical visualisation of large social networks

Networks have been extensively used to capture social interactions, by representing individuals as nodes and their relationships as edges.Such networks have been used to model the spread of epidemics. A few nodes are 'infected', and over time they gradually infect their neighbours on the network, who in turn infect their neighbours, etc. This type of model can then be used to simulate different intervention strategies aimed at containing outbreaks.However, an important limitation is the difficulty to visualise these networks when …

Study level
PhD, Master of Philosophy, Honours, Vacation research experience scheme
Faculty of Science
School of Computer Science
Research centre(s)
Centre for Data Science

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