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Vacation research experience scheme


Science and Engineering Faculty

School of Information Systems

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Dr Andrew Gibson
Lecturer in Information Science
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Natural language is complex to analyse and the results of the analysis are often difficult to convey in a meaningful way. One approach is to convey resultant analytics in the context of the original text by visually annotating the text. This project will suit someone with an interest in visual style who also possesses basic programming skills.

Research activities

As part of this research project, you be involved in:

  • investigating how results might be better displayed to an end-user
  • designing visualisations, creating a mock-up of how they might look and testing their effectiveness
  • writing code to create the visualisations from the analytics, preferably in Javascript
  • prototyping the use of your code in a larger analytics system and test with stakeholders
  • documenting your work and writing your findings with the potential for submitting a research paper to an appropriate conference or journal.


On completion of this research project, we expect the following outcomes:

  • a new approach to visualising text analytics such that the context of the original text is preserve
  • empirical evidence as to how end-users respond to the visualisation approach
  • an understanding of how to implement the approach in software.

Skills and experience

To be considered for this project, you should:

  • have a good sense of visual design
  • be a creative thinker
  • possess basic programming skills to be able to take your ideas and, with assistance, implement them into software.



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