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Dr Udo Gottlieb
Division / Faculty
QUT Business School


An increasingly adopted feature in trade show displays is the use of virtual environments as a marketing tool. This academically under-explored area focuses on the marketing possibilities Ato trade show organisers and exhibitors due to communication and information technology advances.

Given the online environment’s unprecedented potential to reach customers globally, research is limited on understanding how a firm’s practices and structure need to change to incorporate the virtual environment into their strategy and add value to the organisation. Conventional marketing practices used in other environments often lead to sub-optimal results, thus marketers have to learn new ways to operate in them through specific virtual capabilities.

Issues under consideration include:

  • Virtual trade shows are a marketing communications tool that focus more on the niche than on the mass market. Given the global potential of virtual trade shows, how can organisations significantly increase the reach of virtual trade shows (in a specified country or industry)?
  • In the context of business-to-business marketing activities, what are the motivations and challenges of exhibiting organisations and trade show visitors?

Skills and experience

  • Knowledge in marketing theories and concepts required
  • Basic knowledge in market research methods



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