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  • PhD
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Honours
  • Vacation research experience scheme


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School of Information Systems

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Dr Alireza Nili
Lecturer in Service Science
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Faculty of Science


Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are being increasingly deployed across a range of services. However, embedding public values (e.g. effectiveness, efficiency, fairness, and privacy) in the

Design of these technologies is often complex. Not sufficiently supporting these values leads to service delivery failure and ethical and societal issues affecting service applicants. The project will outline and validate guiding principles for the design of major types of AI technologies to support generating public value through these technologies. The project will need to use the value-based (value-sensitive) design approach or a similar approach.

Research activities

The student will be collecting data through methods such as interviews, focus groups and/or design workshops from a range of stakeholders such as designers, service applicants and service managers. The student will be analysing data, will write a thesis/research report and will need to publish high quality journal and conference papers. The expectations will vary dependent on the level of study (e.g. PhD, Masters, honours, VRES).


  • Guiding principles
  • High quality journal and conference papers from the research findings

Skills and experience

The student needs to have excellent communications skill and should have evidence of prior publications (e.g. good conference papers). Relevant work experience also helps.


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