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Vacation research experience scheme


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Professor Graeme Millar
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty
Dr John Outram
Research Fellow
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty


Australia's mining sector generates significant quantities of waste material which needs to avoid landfill and holding ponds to maintain a competitive environmental responsibility.

A part of this challenge is to look as repurposing waste materials as resource for high value products.

This project will look at value-adding mining wastes by converting traditional tailings into useful, high value products.

Research activities

The project can include activities such as:

  • synthesising zeolite products from mining waste
  • conducting performance testing through kinetic experiments and isotherms, and product characterisation, including:
    • X-ray diffraction
    • scanning electron microscopy
    • infrared spectroscopy
    • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
  • designing industrial processes
  • techno-economic analysing of pilot/commercial processes.

You'll work in a busy research laboratory with research fellows, research assistants, PhD students, Masters students and fellow undergraduates.


On completion of the project, we expect to have:

  • developed a new zeolite synthesis route from mining waste
  • modelled a pilot scale process

Skills and experience

We prefer you to have experience in a chemistry lab.



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