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Dr Joel Harman
Research Fellow
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Faculty of Science
Dr Alessandro Soro
Senior Lecturer
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Faculty of Science


We are seeking highly motivated students to work on an Australian Research Council (ARC) funded project.

In this project, you will be assisting in the design, development and/or testing of an augmented reality (AR) application which will allow users to seamlessly transition between the real world and several virtual worlds via the use of portals. After walking through a portal, users will be able to move around, interact with objects and talk with other users in the virtual space before taking a portal back to the real world.

Research activities

You will be working as part of a larger research team, and in collaboration with a vibrant community of research students and research fellows to design, develop and/or evaluate an AR portal application related to the larger ARC project. Your activities in this project may involve:

  • testing popular applications designed for state-of-the-art hardware, such as the Hololens 2 or Varjo XR3 headsets
  • assisting in the design and development of the AR portal application
  • trialing the application in real-world contexts
  • analysing the findings of the trials and publishing the results of the research.


Your participation in the project will further the design, development and/or evaluation of the AR portal application. This will provide you both experience in developing AR experiences and also exposure to the state-of-the-art hardware used to power these experiences (such as the Varjo XR3 headset).

Skills and experience

You will be working as part of a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of skills. As such, your exact role within the project and application creation process may depend on your skills and interests. That said, it may be helpful if you have prior experience in some of the following:

  • using AR or VR applications
  • co-design practices
  • qualitative investigations (e.g., interviews, focus groups)
  • user experience (UX) testing
  • Unity development (especially involving AR or VR)
  • C# coding
  • 3D modelling (e.g., Blender or Maya).

We value diversity and we are a welcoming and inclusive team. We especially welcome applications from students bringing unique perspectives, for example (but not exclusively):

  • female students
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • students who identify with minority groups.


You may be eligible to apply for a research scholarship.

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