Use of 3D surface scan reconstructions to measure clinical parameters for paediatric cranio-facial patients

Study level


Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme

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Dr Paige Little
Senior Research Fellow
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty

External supervisors

  • Dr Yun Phua, Queensland Children's Hospital


Surface topography captured using 3D non-contact scanning (3D photography) offers the ability to create a scaled 3D model of a patient’s external anatomy and to interrogate this model in order to measure clinically relevant anatomical parameters.

This project will investigate the use of surface scanning in capturing external anatomical features for paediatric cranio-facial patients, in order to confirm the efficacy of use of this technique in a young population and to develop a workflow for measuring clinically relevant parameters describing the patient’s deformity using 3D surface scan reconstructions of the cranium.

Research activities

The student will work with the supervisor and their team to collect 3D imaging data for young patients

  • 3D surface scanning
  • 3D image reconstruction and image processing to measure linear and areal metrics
  • Collate and analyse data using Excel


Provide a new workflow integrating 3D surface scanning into the pre- and post-operative clinical care for patients being treated by Plastic surgeons at Queensland Children's Hospital.

Skills and experience

The candidate will learn new skills necessary for the completion of the project outcomes, but experience with image analysis and solid modelling (eg. Solidworks) would be beneficial.


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