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Vacation research experience scheme


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Associate Professor Amisha Mehta
Associate Professor
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Business & Law
Dr Lisa Tam
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Business & Law


By connecting a student to real world industry professionals, this project aims to simultaneously build student networks and explore an applied research problem around how public relations professionals make decisions about optimal strategies and tactics in campaigns.

The student and research team will meet to co-design the research and undertake the following activities:

  1. Review award-winning public relations campaigns using a semantic and relational network analysis tool to identify trends and patterns in strategies and tactics
  2. interview the public relations professionals behind these campaigns to explore how they made decisions about strategies and tactics
  3. report on findings to support academic and industry needs.

The student will:

  • Build capabilities in semantic and relational network analysis, a practice that is relevant in both academic and industry settings
  • build networks with leading public relations professionals
  • collect and analyse data found in public relations award submissions and via interviews with professionals
  • report on findings via a blog and academic publication.

Proposed start date: 6 November 2017

Proposed end date: 31 January 2018.


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