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Professor Gary Mortimer
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Faculty of Business & Law


Online global shopping events, like Singles’ Day, Amazon Prime Day, Click Frenzy and Cyber Monday, resemble traditional physical sales events, like Black Friday and Post-Christmas sales, however differ operationally in that they exist digitally. Such online sales events have grown significantly in sales, media attention and consumer interest. While researchers have examined consumer behaviour in the context of physical retail sales events – such as willingness to attend, participate, or value sought – research is scare in relation to this emerging retail channel. This may be because currently, there is no valid psychometric scale to measure these online sales events. For example, Aldy & Eid (2015) developed a scale to measure the value consumer attain from visiting a shopping mall. Accordingly, this research project seeks to develop a scale to measure a consumer’s willingness to participate in an online sales event. Such as scale would enable researchers to better understand the cohorts of consumers more likely to participate or re-participate in these events, their motive, value sought, outcomes and potential barriers.


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