Treatment of mine wastewaters

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Master of Philosophy


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Dr Sara Couperthwaite
Senior Lecturer
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Mining processes create wastewater that is typically unsuitable for release into the environment without some form of treatment. Treatments will vary depending on the composition of the wastewater and where the water is to be reused.

Research activities

Mine wastewaters will need to be fully characterised to establish the required treatment methods/processes. Once established, these treatment methods will be employed and the treated water characterised to determine the effectiveness of the treatment process. The relationships of the contaminants will be explored to determine the limitations of the treatment method/processes


This research will look to develop a treatment process for similar forms of mine wastewaters (for example acid mine drainage), and establish when the treatment process fails due to fluctuations in water composition. The research will require a holistic approach and will include feasibility studies and identify reuse options for all waste streams.


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