Toward a gamified mobile application to improve eco-driving

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Master of Philosophy


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Dr Kenan Degirmenci
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Science and Engineering Faculty


The benefits of games have been increasingly recognized in academic research and industrial practice, which is why products and services that are not usually associated with games, are increasingly gamified. In this regard, gamified mobile applications are used in diverse areas such as education, health, crowdsourcing, or sustainability. This research has a focus on the field of environmental sustainability, specifically, the focus is on smartphone-based systems that support eco-driving.

Such systems provide visual displays showing the acceleration and braking performance that enable drivers to adjust their driving behaviours, which improves on eco-driving and thus leads to a reduction of fuel consumption. This is particularly relevant for the natural environment because one quarter of worldwide carbon emissions is produced in the transport sector, which makes transportation a relevant field of research for environmental sustainability.

Research activities

This research involves one or more of the following activities:

  • reviewing the academic literature on gamification and eco-driving
  • designing and developing a mobile application that includes gamification design elements such as leader boards and badges
  • conducting empirical research such as surveys and experiments
  • applying existing theories to solve real-world problems
  • developing new theories to contribute to scientific knowledge


The expected outcomes are dependent on the scope of the research and may include the following:

  • systematic literature review analysis
  • conceptual design and prototype development of a gamified mobile application
  • demonstration and evaluation of the gamified app through surveys and experiments
  • communication of findings in academic journals, academic conference proceedings, and professional outlets

Skills and experience

  • Strong programming skills
  • Mobile app development (Android and/or iOS)


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