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Time resolved EPID based thickness measurements for radiotherapy treatment verification

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Master of Philosophy


Vacation research experience scheme

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Dr Andrew Fielding
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
Science and Engineering Faculty


Verifying the delivery of radiation during radiotherapy treatments is increasingly important. The patient position and delivered radiation dose are equally important for a successful clinical outcome. Electronic Portal Imaging Devices (EPIDs) can be used to measure the radiation dose exiting the patient. We have developed a method for converting the measured signal in the EPID to tissue equivalent thickness, a surrogate for radiation dose. This project will investigate the real time measurement of the patient thickness during radiation delivery.

Research activities

  • Simulating the effects of respiratory motion on patient treatments and developing the method for monitoring the variation in patient thickness in real time.
  • Performing monte carlo simulations of the patient treatments to compare with measured data.
  • Investigating dosimetric effect of measured thickness variations.
  • Collaboration with clinical departments


Expected outputs include:
  • A thesis
  • 1-3 journal papers, depending on time-frame and scope
  • System for monitoring patient motion during radiotherapy treatments

Skills and experience

  • Expertise in physics, computer science, engineering or mathematics.
  • Experimental and Data analysis skills
  • Computer programming e.g. MATLAB, python, IDL.
  • Excellent communication skills


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