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  • Vacation research experience scheme


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Professor Wageeh Boles
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering
Dr Sam Cunningham
Lecturer, Learning and Teaching Development, Impact and Recognition
Division / Faculty
Academic Division


Textual data contains a large amount of information which is embedded. This text information is easily extracted by humans but is difficult for machines to interpret. Using various textual analysis methods some information can be drawn out from pieces of text.

Research activities

You may investigate different type of text including:

  • responses to short response questions
  • student feedback on units and teaching.

You will use natural language processing and text analysis techniques to find patterns and determine conclusions from this data.


There are a variety of different types projects you could work on, and these can be discussed with the supervisors, and the final scope selected. These include:

  • thematic analysis
  • chatbots
  • conceptual understanding
  • sentiment analysis.

Skills and experience

Experience with Python is essential. Experience with machine learning and natural language processing concepts is desired.



Contact the supervisor for more information.