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Dr Tatheer Zahra
Senior Lecturer
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Engineering


Masonry is an ancient and versatile material. It has been used since the beginning of civilisation for making civil structures. The Australian railway track network has many 100+ years old masonry arch bridges which are still in service.

However, their structural assessment for increased train loads is essential. This project will use the digital image correlation (DIC) technique to evaluate the level of deflections and stains at the key locations of the masonry bridge arch.

The aim of this project is to analyse pre-recorded imaging data obtained from the bridge site in a DIC software for evaluating its safety against present train traffic loads.

Research activities

You will be expected to learn the DIC software for analysing the field imaging data.

Research activities include:

  • learning DIC software through pre-recorded tutorials and supervisor help
  • analysing the deflection and strain distribution of the masonry arch using the DIC data collected from the site.


This research will help in assessing the safety of the old masonry arch bridges for increased loading caused by modern trains.

Skills and experience

You must have a positive working attitude.



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