Strategic alignment of online value co-creation: case study for the public sector

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Master of Philosophy


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Dr Jason Watson
Senior Lecturer
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Science and Engineering Faculty


The public sector faces specific problems such as:

  • accountability
  • under-utilization of assets
  • equitable provisioning
  • risk aversion
  • operational inefficiency
  • the need to reform.

Co-creation mediated by digital communities can provide great opportunities when strategically aligned via a better understanding of the required capabilities. This research will investigate what constitutes as strategic alignment for co-creation in the context of public sector organizations, by identifying the set of capability areas which are essential for the operational achievement and measurement of the strategic alignment of co-creation mediated by digital communities. Existing work on strategically aligning co-creation activities is scant, so this research is also expected to contribute to a general understanding about how organisations can co-create value within their eco-systems.

Research activities

You will derive and model the characteristics of online value co-creation in the public sector and provide the community with frameworks that explain human behavior and experience to inform our understanding the design, adoption and impact of online co-creation scenarios. You will employ qualitative research methods to understand the complexity of online value co-creation capturing the perspectives, behaviours and attitudes of actors engaged in mutual value exchange. Specifically, you will employ a qualitative case study methodology, which is a way to study complex phenomena within their contexts, to develop a representative theoretical model. The approach will utilise a combination of observation, interview, and focus groups combined with tool supported thematic analysis. The approach can be adjusted to the skill set of the candidate and we are open to the inclusion of a quantitative stage or the use of mixed methods if justified.


A framework that explains human behaviour and experience to inform our understanding the design, adoption and impact of online co-creation scenarios for the public sector.


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