Stochastic patterns of tissue inclusions

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Dr Pascal Buenzli
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Biological tissue growth involves the secretion of new tissue (extracellular matrix, collagen fibers) by cells. This secretion incorporates scattered inclusions such as proteins and minerals into the new tissue. During bone tissue growth, some of the tissue-secreting cells themselves become incorporated into the new tissue. The distribution of these tissue-embedded cells is believed to influence subsequent tissue growth processes.

Research activities

You will develop and simulate mathematical models of the generation of stochastic inclusions during biological tissue growth, and investigate conditions leading to the formation of spatial patterns in the distribution of these inclusions. Depending on interest, the project may include stochastic models (based on Gillespie Stochastic Simulation Algorithms and variants), chemical master equations, irregular tissue geometries, and statistical analyses for comparison with experimental bone samples.


Understanding the formation of spatial patterns of tissue inclusions and the expected variance in such patterns generated by the stochastic models. This will help determine the likelihood of observing chance patterning in experimental samples.


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