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Professor Yin Xiao
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Science and Engineering Faculty


Ageing and diseases usually result in tissue damage and organ failure. To regenerate functional tissues and restore organ function, bioactive materials with smart surfaces are essential to facilitate cellular activities.

This project is to develop biomaterials actively engage with biological system to regulate and direct cell behaviour and tissue regeneration.

Research activities

As part of this research project, you'll be involved in:

  • developing smart biomaterials
  • working on the interaction of biomaterials and stem cells
  • understanding the mechanisms of tissue regeneration.


The project is aiming to resolve some currently challenged problems in clinic treatment of bone loss due to chronicle inflammation by developing a potential clinically translational biomaterials.

Skills and experience

To be considered for this project, you should have some skills and/or experience with:

  • materials synthesis
  • characterisation
  • cell culture.


You may be able to apply for a research scholarship in our annual scholarship round.

Annual scholarship round



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