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  • Vacation research experience scheme


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Professor Adrian Barnett
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Health


Many health conditions are seasonal and understanding the seasonal patterns can help better understand the causes of disease. This project will examine an existing and popular set of R programs used to statistically model seasonal patterns, and examine where the code could be improved. The outcome will be a new and improved version of the software, with the student as a co-author.

Research activities

The project involves working with the supervisors to:

  • examine and test existing R code
  • think about the user experience and how it could be improved
  • make improvements to plots, outputs and overall user experience
  • write a new vignette for the package (if time permits).


The expected outcomes are:

  • new and improved version of the R package season
  • new vignette highlighting how the package can be used.

Skills and experience

Previous experience with R software is essential.



Contact the supervisors for more information.