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  • Honours
  • Vacation research experience scheme


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Research centre


Professor Raja Jurdak
Professor of Distributed Systems & Chair in Applied Data Sciences
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science
Dr Gowri Ramachandran
Research Fellow in Distributed Systems, Blockchain and Internet of Things
Division / Faculty
Faculty of Science


Microservices are the backbone of modern-day IT systems. For example, NetFlix uses hundreds to thousands of microservices to provide services to millions of customers. These services experience varying work loads depending on the consumers' demands. As the load increases, the computing infrastructure must scale up to reliably deliver the services to end consumers.

This project will investigate the scalability and resiliency of microservices.

Research activities

You will address the following research questions:

  1. Which load balancing techniques perform well for large-scale microservice applications?
  2. What events determine the microservices' load?

The specific research activities include the following:

  • literature review to understand the state-of-the-art load balancing techniques
  • identification of data sets to simulate different load patterns
  • developing a novel load balancing approach with the project supervisor.


We plan to write a research article describing the findings of this work. This project has immense potential for both the industry and the research community if the research activities are carried out diligently.

Skills and experience

You should have:

  • a willingness to work on new areas and challenging problems
  • a desire to read papers, develop software designs, and write software
  • the ability to code in Python or similar languages.



Contact the supervisor for more information.